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Kate Bosworth: PH: Mario Sorrenti:V Magazine April 07Kate Bosworth: PH: Mario Sorrenti:V Magazine April 07

TI was at lunch yesterday when the question of the CK Jeans gig came up. "It's the Actress and the Hunk," said our source.


A  night view from a Coldwater Canyon mansionA night view from a Coldwater Canyon mansion

We were at the Polo Lounge. I was laughing to myself because the orchids, the players , the hyper-polished woods, the dress sense, the body language and the conversation was every cliche you ever wanted from a Beverly Hills power lunch venue . Thank god for a consistency of line! Our party consisted of our stealth Overlord with fingers that tap between the talent , real estate and nightlife industries, as well as a certain legendary television magnate who by the mere mention of his name got the hostess to spin you straight to his customary corner booth. Flanking him was his lieutenant in arms, a very sharp legal eagle and his new business partner: one of those tech whiz types whose standard dialogue combined business-speak with tech slangs that just turned musical to my untrained ears. Later on, the Magnate's overwhelmingly charming wife , a former Bond girl, swept in to join us. I loved the team work these two executed through the room. Though I did not know who anyone was gathered at the coveted tables, it was clear that this was a very clubbish room marked by a very discrete form of table hopping. One Beverly Hills dowager came over to say hello, giving us the newsflash that the Roberto Cavalli line had sold out in less than half an hour that very morning and that the inventory was so controlled, not even her best friend Roberto or his wife could get the extra pieces she desperately wanted "Very smart! Those people at H&M" she announced before returning to her booth.


Beowulf: The very phallic posterBeowulf: The very phallic poster

Well, I survived "Beowulf" last night. It took me a while to get used to the "3D IMAX" experience, which was very much like being trapped in someone else's video game. But half way through the power of the mythology really kicked in and the storytelling got to be...interesting. Especially when Angelina Jolie shows up in the most monstrous of guises. My date, the smarter than thou Colombia undergrad put it best when she deadpanned as we exited " Lesson learnt about Nordic mythology. Don't fuck with Angelina Jolie. She always gets her man." Too true.


White Cube ExteriorWhite Cube Exterior

TI's enterprising art correspondent popped over to London to scan the Ellen Altfest's White Cube opening in London. Here are his flashes of what clearly was a triumphant night for Ms Atltfest.

Marian Kappos and the artist, Ellen AltfestMarian Kappos and the artist, Ellen Altfest

The crowd outside The Ellen Altfest openingThe crowd outside The Ellen Altfest opening

Writer Johnathan Walpole and a friendWriter Johnathan Walpole and a friend


ITI loves Super-Clever Dance MusicTI loves Super-Clever Dance Music

I've enjoyed living inside the ongoing Jackie Collins novel that is the BHH over the past few days but now my brain is starting to rewire itself into a NY state of mind. And the new soundtrack? In Flagranti's "What Are You Doing After The Orgy". The title is a lot more arch than it seems. Those very words were the title of an infamous essay by Jean Baudrillard. Smart-ass semoitic referencing NY dance could we resist. Also hot from In Flagranti is "We Make Love In A House Made Of Glass" and "Nonplusultra" from the "Wronger Than Anyone Else" LP. The rest is more of the same, if not quite as witty.

A Debut Victoria's Secret Beauty

Noemie Lenoir getting prepped for her  VS debut!Noemie Lenoir getting prepped for her VS debut!

Here's a fresh tip for all the VS groupies out there, drafting and redrafting the suspected line-up. Noemie Lenoir's hair is glossed and ready and this French belle is totally set to make her VS debut this season. Noemie is impossibly sexy in person . Trust! Plus as an extra-tip, the VS after-party is set to be at the infamous Green Door later this week in LA. It would be a very good night to drop by.


Martin Bell: Streetwise: PH: Mary Ellen MarkMartin Bell: Streetwise: PH: Mary Ellen Mark

I've been hunting for this documentary forever and finally tracked it down at a vintage music store on Sunset. Streetwise was directed by Martin Bell in 1983 and was inspired by a shoot in Life magazine by his eventual wife, Mary Ellen Mark and Sheryl McCall (who went to to produce the doc). Streetwise follows the lives of a company of homeless and abandoned street kids in Seattle's Tenderloin district . The grimness of the material is unrelenting, yet in the midst of the drugging and hustling and suffering , the visual elegance of the 80's era environment and style actually ends up being instructive and inspiring. It is a must add to your reference library.


"Python" trainers: Emma Hope: London"Python" trainers: Emma Hope: London

I went out to Il Sole the other night with a well traveled friend . His itenarary ranges from Brazil to Rio to London to Turkey and Paris. His sneakers caught my eye and I thought they were some limited edition version of Converse Chucks. But when I asked he told me they were actually Emma Hopes. "Who's Emma Hope?" I said. His look read "For shame!" Emma Hope is one of those ultra-cool but nonchalant little operations that you find in London (Westbourne Grove, Amwell Street, Sloan Square). Her gear ranges include bags and shoes for men and women who like that understated, private label "where'd you get that" vibe in their accessories. I'd like to brag its a discovery but Emma Hope already has a boutique in Tokyo (Rappongi Hills of course). Which means she's a major "urban nomad signifier brand." Rock on Emma!


Richard Prince:Debutante Nurse: 2003Richard Prince:Debutante Nurse: 2003

When I get back to NY I'm heading straight to The Guggenheim for the current Richard Prince exhibit "Spiritual America" which is going to make a lot of sense after my California adventure. Who would have thought those pulp kitsch "Nurse Paintings" from the 2003 Barbara Gladstone show would have become so iconic this year. From the opening reference at the SS 08 Louis Vuitton, to the Phillips de Pury & Company November auction ads as well as the front imagery for the Guggenheim exhibit, Prince's nurses are having a major Zeitgeist moment. My favorite nurse is "Debutante Nurse". She reminds me very much of someone iconic in her own way.

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