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CURRENT VIEWING: Qui êtes vous Polly Magoo ?: WILLIAM KLEIN

I'm shaking with excitement at the thought that William Klein's brilliant, brilliant, brilliant "Qui êtes vous Polly Magoo ?" is finally availble on DVD. Well almost. The film is probably the fashion photographer's most known film excursion starring a real 60's gem of a model, Dorothy McGowan as a charming American girl stranded in the wilderness of the Paris fashion scene. Films about the fashion world and about models often times get it completely wrong, but Klein's film in its satirical spirit gets it so absolutely right you would swear it is a documentary. "Qui êtes vous Polly Magoo ?" is part of the Eclipse Series (9 )- The Delirious Fictions of William Klein - Eclipse from Criterion (Criterion Collection) and can be pre-ordered right now at In the meantime here's a little taste of the iconic film via youtube.

The Passion For Peretti

Elsa Peretti PH: Helmut Newton: A picture that made you want to move to NYCElsa Peretti PH: Helmut Newton: A picture that made you want to move to NYC

To have conventional (or even unconventional) beauty and then to have a mind than can craft beautiful' s the kind of unfair blessing that only makes sense in fashion. Our case study for the theory today? Elsa Peretti, she of the well to do Roman family, educated, according to Wikipedia at the Volbicela School in Rome, with a diploma in interior design. 5' 9" and of course an ex-model, Elsa fled to NY where she fell in with the Halston circle and started designing the landmark jewelry that became inextricable in spirit from the clothes.


Photography by Michael SchwartzPhotography by Michael Schwartz

I've got to give Michael Schwartz credit for persistence and passion. I've watched his photography evolve bit by bit, but its clear he has a really good eye. For months he's been trying to engage me to help him on the concepts and the art direction of his shoots. I've been very reluctant because I feel I'm at the point where I should finesse one certain skill- writing - and not be a such dilettante art-director ( Or even worse, yet-another-stylist.)
In any case a few months ago I emailed Mike some references on 80's illustrator Tony Viramontes to play with for a shoot he was lensing. I also popped into the shoot, which for the record had a stylist. I tried to verbalize how Viramontes' illustrations were perfect for translation into photography and didn't really require a massive use of labels to get the point across. Well, sometimes words fail you and on this day they failed me. So I started wrapping some fabric I had found in this African fabric store on 37th Street on the models as turbans and little cloaks to illustrate, literally, the point. Mike liked it and snapped some shots of the results.


Dan from MDC sent me this link and I died in throes of ecstasy. A sequencer and mini -synthesizer so sexy. I got a tech high just from looking. I love modern life!


Florian Sussmayr:OK Girls I 2007 :Oil On Canvas 59 X 47.5Florian Sussmayr:OK Girls I 2007 :Oil On Canvas 59 X 47.5

I don't know what possessed me today, but after a late breakfast I drifted into the Nicholas Robinson Gallery on 20th Street and peeped this show of paintings by Munich based artist, Florian Sussmayr. Sussmayr's imagery covers an era, that of 80's German youth culture. That would be "a world of punk rock, drinks, drugs, soccer matches, underground movies, libertarian expression and leftist political thinking" . Well I love imagery from a man obsessed and what made me stop my fast-forward motion through the show was a series of portraits based on (and I think I'd best use the gallery's words here) " the bland depictions of haircut possibilities displayed in cheap salons".Well I know mine can be a vapid eye sometimes, but how editorially perfect are these images? If I were a latter day blue chip photographer I'd mop em, blurred eyes and all.

Fashion Blips and Bytes

The Inimitable Rinko KikuchiThe Inimitable Rinko Kikuchi

The April issue of of iD features my very favorite actress in the world, the one and only Rinko Kikuchi. I think Rinko is beyond genius. I love her sullen pout, her fast shifting haircuts, her alliance with Chanel. I think she is the kind of global/cross-cultural super-star that mainstream media sleeps on. Expect to see many a post on Rinko at TI because this crush is serious! Rinko is on the cover of the "Gender" issue of iD. Very 90's that do a "Gender" issue but it's interesting that the ten year cycle of errant androgyny is here again. Love the i-Date feature on iD's Myspace page that has a questionnaire with options ranging from Male/Female, Straight/Gay, Bi/Boy, Girl/ Man, Woman/Trannie, She-he/He-She, Mother/Other. TI is not mad at the polymorphous nature of that and plans to feed into it ferociously. I also am in deep love with's flash video feature that allows you to speed-read through their entire issue. Check it out right now. It's just like being at the newstand!

The Rage For Ron Arad!

Loop Loom: 1992: Ron AradLoop Loom: 1992: Ron Arad

Having just scored a new pad I'm dream-shopping for pieces to fill a very beige and minimal room. Top of the list? Anything Ron Arad. Arad, who came out of the Jerusalem Academy Of Art in 1973 has proved himself to be a genius in moulding unconventional material like sheet metal for pieces of domestic furniture. For my money he is THE one contemporary furniture designer to collect, covet and hoard right this minute.
This brilliant industrial designer exploded out of the 80's, perhaps a full decade ahead of his times.Look at Frank Gehry's recent line of lawn furniture and you'll see what I mean. Arad's work was CAD (Computer Assisted Design) before there was the computer programs that could execute the complicated swirls and curls that constitute Arad's style. The "Loop Loom" is a 1992 piece and certainly doesn't look like it might invite hours of casual lounging. But I would go there. If I had $250,000 lying around to buy the piece that is, as this was the going price the last time a "Loop" came up at auction. Thus the phrase "dream-shopping".

It's The Wendell Lissimore Show

Coming Attractions: Starring Wendell LissimoreComing Attractions: Starring Wendell Lissimore

Ladies and gentlemen, prep yourselves for a very special Wendell Lissimore moment, looming your way to TI next week. We do believe this marquee face of Red Model Mgmt is fast becoming a one man cult. As well he should be!

On Commercial Banality And Melancholic Absurdity: Lars Tunbjörk's : “Office”

Lars Tunbjörk’s : caught up in  the existential parsimonyLars Tunbjörk’s : caught up in the existential parsimony

Recently I've been really enjoying the photographs of Swedish photographer Lars Tunbjörk via his book "Office" which captures beautifully the soul destroying sterility of the typical modern workspace. Or as his galley, Cohen Amador termed it, "Falling between humorous social commentary and deprived commercial banality, Tunbjörk’s work captures the existential parsimony and melancholic absurdity of modern-day office life and puts in relief the personal struggle of the individual against corporate homogeneity." Fight the good fight Lars!



This weekend I read Ingrid Sischy's Vanity Fair profile on Calvin Klein's post Calvin Klein Inc. existence. It constitutes buying and decorating multiple houses and it is indeed an enviable life. There is a section in the article that gets into a bit of heavy lifting in arguing Calvin Klein's validity as a landmark American designer. It got me thinking...what is it exactly about Calvin Klein that stays on our minds? After all these years, the power of his imaging still haunts American fashion like the echo of a music that once kept the party going.

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