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Scoop du Jour:The Shift Continues

At 2:37 am a well composed email comes in from an certain agency head castigating TI for his sins of omission at
MDC. Then early Monday morning, while still in recovery from the wild wild week that was, comes the gravelly voice of a mystery hisser croaking the code words "The Eagle Has Landed" thus inferring Mr Chris Gay has finally nested at a NY agency. "All I can say in addition..." ventures The Hisser," Is redrum" . What a year!

Kerry Degman And The Tear Of Life

Kerry Degman: PH Alasdair McLellan  Pop Magazine sept 2008Kerry Degman: PH Alasdair McLellan Pop Magazine sept 2008

This Pop image of TI alumni Kerry Degman at Major (see April 21st's posts), gets uploaded because it IS the magazine tear of life. They should make a poster.


Did the Saint Germain Des Pres of legendary French provacateur/novelist/playwright/jazz musician/singer Boris Vian really exist? Or was it just another variation in his theme of reality bending into fiction? Those questions profilerate in his Manual Of Saint Germain des Pres, a dreamworld of habitues in post-war Paris swirling to jazz, battling their arguments in existentialist salons and stirring up new strains in art, theatre and literature. The cast of intellectually glamorous types include Simone de Beauvoir, Albert Camus, Jean Cocteau, Jean Genet, Alberto Giacometti, Juliette Greco, Raymond Queneau, Jacques Prévert, and Jean-Paul Sartre. As the Rizzoli catalog puts it so romantically,


Christian from Basic shone in his debut for Rad SS 09Christian from Basic shone in his debut for Rad SS 09

"To keep the tedium of casting interesting I usually make up a kind of movie in my mind to help sharpen the filter. Last season I played Aphex Twins "Logon Rock Witch" all session long in my head as my kind of dream soundtrack that all the witch girls were gliding to. This season its Grace Jones' "Walking In The Rain" to which I'm dreaming of an army of sleek, shiny, aerodynamic people all angular and machine-like, like cyborgs but deeply deeply individualized. Boys and girls...the same feeling with different complexions...shifting features....That's my fiction for Rad SS09."

TI : Sept 3 2008

Francois Curlet: Parking: 2000

Francois Curlet's Parking, 2000Francois Curlet's Parking, 2000

Graf remains that indelible New York signature but TI loves that it evolved into an international trope.


The dust is about to settle on the NY SS 09 runways and already model punters are crunching the numbers on the question of the girls that matter now as they speed to London (and to Milan). Thankfully this season reflected a moment of courage for the NYC casting community with clients like Marc Jacobs, Anna Sui, Calvin Klein and today Donna Karan blowing their cabines open. But the big money question is, which girls are the directional photographers and magazines marking off as the most coveted. TI must maintain mum for the minute but let's just say a certain new blonde beauty is about to be platformed immaculately. Place your bets and stay tuned for the final verdict.

TI IS MAD FOR: Torsten Neeland's New Line Of Lamps

Torsten Neeland's new lamps are enviable and then some via designboom.comTorsten Neeland's new lamps are enviable and then some via

Essential, essential, essential in our living rooms right this second.


> Michelangelo Di Battista and Tina Berning: Vogue Italia ‘FACE/project No. 1‘ in ‘Fashion Show’ at the gallery CAMERA WORK.> Michelangelo Di Battista and Tina Berning: Vogue Italia ‘FACE/project No. 1‘ in ‘Fashion Show’ at the gallery CAMERA WORK.

The lovely people at Camera Work kindly requested that TI post the unveiling of their new exhibit. Which we do with pleasure.

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