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exinfinitas_SS17 LOOK ONE.1  : Image @fabienmontique : Talent @maximefrenelexinfinitas_SS17 LOOK ONE.1 : Image @fabienmontique : Talent @maximefrenel

Founder and Creative Director Lukas Vincent began his career as a leading influencer for a number of international brands in Australia, New York and Paris. Working as a multi-disciplinary across the fields of design, styling & art direction. Since returning to Australia, Vincent draws on extensive global influences, which are now the foundation of his brand identity. Vincent's particular interest in dualities is channeled and translated into his creations. He entertains the relationship between the organic and synthetic, the physical and non-material, leading to potential new and unique forms between them. He continues to study eastern philosophies, mysticism and fashion as another inquiry into the ontology of Being. His style is often a culmination of futuristic expressionism restrained by a minimalist symmetry

exinfinitas_SS17 SEXWAX Image @fabienmontiqueexinfinitas_SS17 SEXWAX Image @fabienmontique

Taste is a dictatorship.


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