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Current Reading: Sex, Surrealism, Dali and Me : The Memoirs of Carlos Lozano : Authored by Clifford Thurlow

Carlos Lozano posing for Salvador Dali.Carlos Lozano posing for Salvador Dali.

"I was very eccentric with all my haberdashery gear, my long hair and I knew that he was surrounded by this court of top models and the most beautiful people. I knew that I would not fit in but we went and he opened the door and greeted us very cordially, Dali was very civilised and very polite, always and he immediately told us to help ourselves to tea, I thought well that's it, I've met him and said hello. People were running after him calling him 'maestro' and 'master' and everybody was competing for attention and I was, to be quite honest with you, as high as a kite, I was really flying and I thought I'd just sit on my cloud and watch this movie for a while and when its time to go I'll leave. My friends had started to mingle so I just sat down and within minutes he'd come to sit next to me and started to talk to me and to ask me all kinds of questions. Everybody was very surprised at this. First of all he started to analyse me with those penetrating eyes and he told me almost my whole life story in a couple of minutes and then he said that I was like a person in one of his paintings and that he wanted to sketch me. Then he said that I had a very luxurious subconscious, he always had these catchphrases, and I was so unimpressed with all the Rococo, Louis XV and all the gold in the place. You know, I'm a flower child, a simple person who wants to change the world, create a revolution, give flowers to people, stop the Vietnam war and work on plays for the working classes. I wanted to do so many other things in life than be surrounded by all of this which I thought was so put on. Finally he said, "don't worry, my magic will protect you" and asked me if I would come tomorrow. And tomorrow just went on and on because he just kept sending for me and sending for me. It created a big stir. All of a sudden there was this great big limousine to haul me off to meet him."

Carlos Lozano speaking to Tom Fogg about meeting Salvador Dali.

Taste is a dictatorship.


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