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Photo: Michael Burk / Model: Adam Killian / Courtesy Print All Over Me.Photo: Michael Burk / Model: Adam Killian / Courtesy Print All Over Me.

It's the kick off of the Frieze Art Fair in NY and one of the associated endeavors that caught TI's eyes is the collaboration between between contemporary artist duo assume vivid astro focus and Tom of Finland Foundation.

For this collaboration, assume vivid astro focus was given free access to Tom's™ archive to create visual components fused with the fine artist's visual language and code. The subsequent creations are available on Print All Over Me , the definitive online platform for co-created fashion masterminded by Jesse and Meredith Finkelstein.

In addition, one of the components used in the designs will be sold as a limited edition print on

TI caught with with Jesse Finkelstein right before the launch of the collaboration to get a quick insight into the collaboration, PAOM's future direction and the possibilities implicit in co-created fashion.

TI: Looking at PAOM all I can think is that it is so in the spirit of the great 80's art pop explosion. If only Andy, Jean-Michel or Keith Haring had lived to see this. How much of that ethos was an influence?
PAOM: The 80s was the fulfillment of art in the age of mechanical reproduction, and I feel like that liberated some many designers from being confined to their respective disciplines. So I think both aesthetically as well as philosophical the 80s are our origin.

TI: How did PAOM evolve from Byco, your earlier foray into your new idea of co-created fashion?
PAOM: The goal of BYCO was to make clothing production available to everyone, but that became a daunting prospect, so we decided to focus on one part of the production
process, prints, and allow things to evolve from there.

TI: 3. As founders, were your backgrounds more A. tech based, B. art driven or C. design aligned?
PAOM: My background is in fashion design and production, my sister, Meredith’s background is in technology and art.

TI: Do you think the current digital generation will truly evolve past a curatorial instinct into one based on the kind of physical creation PAOM revels in?
PAOM: I imagine it will be a combination of the two - especially with the advent of AR technologies that allow a conflation of the virtual and real.

TI: How did all the elements of Asume Vivid Astro Focus, Tom Of Finland, ArtSpace and PAOM converge?
PAOM: The Tom Of Finland Foundation was generous enough to offer AVAF access to the archive of drawings and imagery, and AVAF just went from there. At first they were
thinking about discrete designs that composited and collaged the TOF artwork with AVAF drawings, but as they began to think about the clothing the designs became more
specific to the fashion.

TI: What do you think the repercussion of platforms like PAOM might be on fashion, especially in this fast fashion era.
PAOM: I hope we offer to big contributions: one, is zero waste. We only produce what’s ordered, so there’s never any stock left over. Two, is empowering all creatives to design and produce clothing. It should be limited to the rarefied/highly capitalized few.

TI: Do you see eventual alliances with big brand fashion labels at PAOM?
PAOM: Absolutely - any brand that wants to provide a more engaged dialogue with their consumers.

TI: TI greatly admires your idea of a constellation of apps. When is your next scheduled roll-out?
PAOM: June - for the TOFxAVAF paper doll app!

TI: Design and its snob cousin, contemporary art have certainly fled the white box over the past 10 years. What do you think is the future of this Everybody-Is-Their-Own-Art-Director culture
PAOM: You’ll have people that make it their business to be super rarefied and scarce, and then you’ll have other people who are just interested in making things
accessible. I’m not sure it will really change all that much, other than the fact that now more and more people have access to the tools of production.

Via Artspace : avaf vs Tom of Finland (abraxas ventriloquists animal fetishists), 2016Via Artspace : avaf vs Tom of Finland (abraxas ventriloquists animal fetishists), 2016

In collaboration with Tom of Finland Foundation
Digital collage. Ink on paper

Taste is a dictatorship.


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