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Early Warning Signal:Faustine Steinmetz’s debut campaign (SS 16) by Arnaud Lajeunie

The new new feeling is felt not "fast" (fashion).The new new feeling is felt not "fast" (fashion).

"We really wanted to show a variety of girls in the shoot and we all agreed from the start that it was about finding girls who have a very strong personality. My biggest fear is using models who look like the fantasy of a woman; I want to address to real women. We were lucky to get to work with the recently established Creativit casting agency​ who were able to find girls​ for us​ who ​were not only beautiful but ​who also ​had ​interesting things going on in their lives, which I think really translates in the pictures we took of them.​ "

Faustine Steinmetz to dazeddigital

Taste is a dictatorship.


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