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Current Reading:The State Nobility (Elite Schools in the Field of Power) : PIERRE BOURDIEU : TRANSLATED BY LAURETTA C. CLOUGH

The new noblesse de robe.The new noblesse de robe.

In 'The State Nobility", Bourdieu examines in detail, the work of consecration that is carried out by elite education systems—in France by the grande écoles, in the United States by the Ivy League schools, and in England by Oxford and Cambridge. Today, this "state nobility" has at its disposal an unprecedented range of powers and distinctive titles to justify its privilege. Bourdieu shows how it is the heir—structural and sometimes genealogical—of the noblesse de robe, which, in order to consolidate its position in relation to other forms of power, had to construct the modern state and the republican myths, meritocracy, and civil service that went along with it.

Which is an invitation to look at the leadership defining your life, whether corporate, political or aesthetic and critically asses the last part of Bordieu's assertion. Which is eerily enough, that this new noblesse de robe, is the result of a self-justifying class construct.

Taste is a dictatorship.


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