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HBA: Brand as anti-brandHBA: Brand as anti-brand

Do you remember when mainstream fashion publications were lamenting the failure of a new generation to emit a signature "sub-culture". Where was the continutation from the teen cults of the past: goths and ravers and the punks and the hip-hop heads, the hippies and the beats , they cried.

It was all being seeded on-line it seems. Circa 2008, , the New New York was starting to brew in the digital margins quietly figuring out how to brand this new and emerging domain. Now it's an orthodoxy, an official myth ; if not yet a mainstream...Opening Ceremony, V Files, HBA, Black Frame and certainly Alexander Wang, have grown fast to define that interesting inter-space where "digital" , "contemporary art" " street", "retail " and "music" intersect.

Of course that much inter-secting makes for strange new hybrids ( you must see Dis magazine's " Not For Everyone" exhibit ) . Highly interesting in all that format splicing ( runway shows as performance art, art galleries that are pop up shops) is the behavior of young companies that oscillate between branding and mockery of branding. Never has the irony meter been higher.

But that's what makes New York...New York. Attitude...the knowledge of the hustle, the self-consciousness of that and the ability to build a commercial identity out of the conflict. You can already see it in the take-over of Bushwick. As dreadful of that cliche might sound. All those bars and cafes and galleries budding amongst the dreary warehouse stretches of of Jefferson Avenue? That's all the precursor to the condos and boutique hotels and the variations of Dover Street Market to come.

Creatively, New York is crackling again. This Spring/Summer the streets and the parties, the clubs and the gallaries are going to be cycling all that overflowing energy. I'm here for that. God Save New York.

Taste is a dictatorship.


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