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Scoop du Jour: Saint Laurent: It's not your mother's YSL

A house intent on a radical realignment with the New Digital Youth.A house intent on a radical realignment with the New Digital Youth.

I do love a dinner with fashion forward kids who know clothes and make clothes and turn their purchases inside out to look at the seams and the finish.

And there was TI at Mazzo when the post #PFW analysis inevitably turned to the season's scandale du success, Saint Laurent FW 13. That offering by Hedi Slimane has certainly garnered its heavy share of abuse but my company, those very fashion forward kids all born circa 1993, poured TI a startling cup of scalding tea.

All that eparter-ing of the bourgeoise. All that gutting of the perfect good taste that spelt "Yves"...well the kids assured TI that this is the new path of the house intent on a radical realignment with the New Digital Youth Culture.

The kids hissed that while SLP SS13 is moving briskly at retail and buyers raved on the exquisite quality control of the pieces, the thought was there was enough bourgeoise perfection on the racks and not enough "contemporary" now culture in the stores. And so while YSL and its cosmetics empire still exists for that woman of good taste, then Saint Laurent is meant to speak to the new kids. With a budget. And a perverse taste in dressing waaaaaay down at premium prices.

Thus the new thrust. Don't expect revivals or any attempt to walk in Yves Saint Laurent's foot steps. The thought is that history is written and can never be bettered.

Better to take the strands of the brand and rewire it as a whole new experience for a whole new generation in the hopes that that will put some extra Ka-ching in the Kering. And that directive is said to be a strategy as advanced by a legendary business mind well acquainted with said brand.

Oh the perversity!

Saint Laurent Paris = Zara

Saint Laurent Paris = Zara Deluxxxe

Guide Over Us- Sizzla

It's been awhile since I've commented on a post on this website. To be honest, your fashion content and interesting commentary has gone down in quantity and quality since you began your MIX MNGMT endeavor (Congratulations! btw). Your twitter account, instead has become what this site once was.

But, I digress...regarding SLP (as its been lately abbreviated to, in response to the former YSL ) and its current designer He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named a k.a HWSNBN (A designer I have never liked even at the peak of his hype in the early 00's), this all seems like a ploy for relevancy in today's -here today, gone tomorrow- fashion climate. From a business standpoint, the idea of any press, even bad press is good press, now seems demode and illogical.

Demode because we've reached a point in society and popular culture at large, where any well followed blog or tumblr author's opinions has more sway than that of dedicated fashion journalists, changing the entire hierarchy of the editor/writer in terms of the importance of press to the general public and within the fashion system (see Suzy Menkes /Tim Blanks et al v.s. the online bloggers).

It's also illogical in terms of numbers and finance, the essential crucial bottom dollar, when the ideal wearer of these clothes are the "New Digital Youth", then ideally HWSNBN should design clothes that can not be so easily bought at any Hot Topic shop for fraction of the price and the purposely designing clothes that alienate those that could afford clothes at that price point.

The ridiculous notion that what HWSNBN been offering on the runways as new, could only be said by someone born circa 1993. As someone who lived through the grunge era of music and fashion, there's a reason it was just an era and considered dead, it didn't last longer than disco, it faded away along with it's main mascot Kurt Cobain.

Unfortunately, most designers today aren't trying to push fashion forward,its just more style without substance. God, I miss Nicolas Ghesquire.


Exactly ! I mean what were

Exactly ! I mean what were they thinking when they got rid of Ghesquiere at Balenciaga and yet they're giving Slimane total control at Saint Laurent. I thought the whole thing was to end the cult of the designer and make the brand the star. Instead what you get is Slimane and his pretentious pictures. Ghesquiere was modern and daring ,SLP is just self-indulgent and dated .

Taste is a dictatorship.

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