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TI DATE: TEMP Opening Party: "Working On It": Featuring LE1F and DJ Set by Shayne Oliver from GHE20 GH0TH1K :Sept 8 – Oct 14

Image above: EunSun Choi. HIde and Seek, 2012. Courtesy the artistImage above: EunSun Choi. HIde and Seek, 2012. Courtesy the artist

Exploration. That's the point of living I think. The further I drift from New York the more interesting the new permutations of this city seem. . Things that once were far on the fringes are moving to the cultural center and the underground rises to the surface. In the way that only New York facilitates.

Case in point is TEMP, a new non-commercial art space in TriBeCa, and their current inaugural group exhibition, Working On It. The show explores the dynamic nature in which young adults grapple with issues such as originality and identity within a rapidly evolving socio- cultural context. Curated by Alex Ahn and Ari Lipkis, the show reflects the zeitgeist of young adulthood in the early 2010’s.

Each of the twelve artists in Working On It share work that reflects his or her personal experiences upon entering the “real world”. Artists include: EunSun Choi, Andrea DiStefano, Jack Greer, Tyler Healy, Laura Hudson, Sandy Kim, Maggie Lee, Dean Levin, Matthew Morocco, Wilson Parry, Evan Robarts, and Elspeth Walker.

Taste is a dictatorship.


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