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BRILLIANT BLOG: The Underground Gastronomes

The beauty of nori seaweed sheetsThe beauty of nori seaweed sheets

Two days ago in Paris, I found myself wading through the mobs for La Fête du Muguet ( or is that La Fête du Travail ?) on Boulevard Henri IV when my guide to all these hidden recesses of Paris swerved towards a doorway. You know the Parisian way... a code punched... a beautiful door swiveled and then behind it a magnificent 17th century courtyard, complete with the original stables.

We were making a surprise visit to Nadia and Eric, two of the minds behind "The Underground Gastromes" , an irreverent food blog that takes the snob out of gastronomy and replaces it with wit and verve.

Eric is an artist and Nadia was in the midst of editing and curating an upcoming show of his when we dropped by unexpectedly. But still, there was some very good sushi served , excellent wine on hand and really incisive and invigorating conversation about the art and cultural industries of Paris. Nadia and Eric told me about their blog and upon investigation, the top entry, on nori seaweed sheets synched perfectly with the design ideal of

Add to that their mission statement, " We live in Bamako, Paris, Seattle, Nanjing, LA or NY. We are cosmopolitan, sensitive to products and curious of contemporary, ancient or new tastes and trends." and I think TI has just made a connect to some very kindred spirits!

Taste is a dictatorship.


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