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Chris Herman@Way Models PH Hugo Toni. Fashion: Luigi TorreChris Herman@Way Models PH Hugo Toni. Fashion: Luigi Torre

Cris Herrmann @ Way Model photographed by Hugo Toni, fashion edition
by Luigi Torre,
art direction by Romeu Silveira, beauty by Helder Rodrigues, video
directed by Bruno Ilogti and photo assistant Bruno Geraldi

Fearless by Luigi Torre |
Pasolini: A Thousand and One Nights by Givago Oliveira |
Peep-Show by Ricardo Oliveros |
Nobuyoshi Araki |
References: Madonna, Antonioni, Guido Crepax, Larry Clark,
Mapplethorpe, Andy Warhol |
The Nude Project |
Mugler: Brave New World |
INBOX: “New York Cock City” by Stefan Fahler, from Berlim

An Empty Head is The Devil’s Playground by Cassia Tabatini with
styling by Dudu Bertholini and beauty by Lau Neves
Cris Herrmann @ Way Model by Hugo Toni |
Francisco Lachowski @ Ford Models by Shirley Yu |
Yves Kolling @ Ford Models by Adriano Damas & Igi Ayedun
Blow Up Revisited by Tiago Chediak, with styling by Angelina Vivace
Paolo Roldan @ Why Not by Ivan Muselli
Marco Steiner by Italo Gaspar
Kenzie Roth by Joe Lally @ Defacto
Triple Sex 666 by Sara Orme with styling by Imogen Wilson
Felipe Teobaldo by João Arraes
Natalia by Barbara Arcuschin

Weird Science by Rogerio Cavalcanti & Anderson Rodrigues
DESIRE by Hilda Hilst

Atelier fredericPierre's picture

fredericPierre, Lovely

Lovely image, it remind me my youth, almost as I am not a girl but girls had that simple look of us, topless in the sumer in Provence and wild appearence (since being french the girl were not that warm or cool, but the shirts had quite a similar charm if not more inciting, I guess you see what I mean. My dotter has that feel about her, but only in the summer and is a gorgeous 40 today.
The font/letters have that hippish feels too, easy on the ledge.
I must be getting old, sorry.
Thanks, fP


I love everything about this ad, particularly the font.

I've been searching up and down for it, as I would like to use it as the type for my business.

Any leads would be deeply appreciated.

Flowery Kisses,


Taste is a dictatorship.

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