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ZIMMERLI WAS FOUNDED in Aarburg, Switzerland, in 1871 by Ms Pauline Zimmerli BäurlinZIMMERLI WAS FOUNDED in Aarburg, Switzerland, in 1871 by Ms Pauline Zimmerli Bäurlin

If I were to be heedlessly indulgent, I'd buy 365 pairs of white Zimmerli T-shirts and 365 pairs of their black tank-tops, and wear a different one for each day of the year. The beautiful thing though is I am content to own two of these beautiful pieces of intimate wear (in the requisite black and white) . Zimmerli's luxurious underwear is made from all natural fibres using the highest of production standards. As a brand the proposition that is Zimmerli seduces because it is so discrete, so personal and makes a triumph of its product by focusing on simple form, functionality and quality. It would be a much better world if all of fashion were built along that ideal.


I agree completely. I'm a firm believer in specialisation, which is a big factor as to why Zimmerli underwear is so fantastic. This is not some fashion brand that puts it often somewhat superficial marque to any number of different products in all sorts of varying fields but a specialist underwear maker. It amazes me that people spend so much on designer outerwear but go cheap on undergarments. I'm a particular fan of the Sea Island Cotton range which is truly exquisite. See link to where I have purchased them. I have found nothing else that gets anywhere near!

Taste is a dictatorship.

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