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Scoop du Jour: Hedi for Givenchy? Hedi for Dior ? Hedi for Hedi? One's Tenth Triumph and The Birth Of A New Mens Agency

Now that Mr Slimane has confirmed his return to the fashion design arena, (see TI's May hiss on the subject) the Squad is in a frenzy as to his destination. Some of our favorite conspiracy theorists are hissing that Hedi is the big name LVMH has been searching for as the marquee replacement for Tisci at Givenchy. Others are convinced he's been lured back to his spiritual home at Dior. A more convincing line of thought is that now that the Hedi Slimane name as been so brilliantly art branded to a new generation, it is a stand alone Hedi Slimane label that represents the next evolution...and speaking of the birth of new brands can you believe Scott Lipps' One Mgmt is going to be 10 years old this Fall? Expect an epic celebration with Scott bringing a dazzling dose of showbiz sizzle to that Fashion Week blow out. ...Just in time for the Men's Shows,TI has been tracking the coming launch of a new men's modeling agency hitting the New York scene. The team is in place, the aesthetic is super-sleek and the scouts with the prescient eye are polishing up some newly sourced beauties for those blue chip clients .Stay tuned!

two words


That actually makes a lot of

That actually makes a lot of sense.

Oh God Oh God Oh God

Please please please let this be true! I love this idea. PC is the most amazing brand to bring back so French do futuristic Cardin is perfect for Hedi Slimane. I see a new logo and incredible shops. Something that is French luxury that is Space Age!

What is the new mens agency

What is the new mens agency in NY?

Hmmm I don't know that we

Hmmm I don't know that we need another men's agency. Willy and Ford has big covered Request, VNY and Soul has all the cool . I think there's too many men's agencies already . But we'll see.

Agreed, these no buisne$$ in

Agreed, these no buisne$$ in the Male Modeling industry unless youre already a "super model"


Didn't someone tell me the Hedi buzz was over when I thought the last scoop was about him. Well its about freaking time! Excited for his return.

Taste is a dictatorship.

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