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I mean the whole conceit is kinda genius. Get into this mission statement...

We’re America’s only new luxury erotic magazine; a modern reimagining of the classic men’s magazines of yesteryear. We celebrate a return to the origins of the pulp title; offering edgy opinion, arousing interviews and fiery fiction blended with unparalleled pictorials illustrating the real beauty of real women.
The editorial philosophy of Jacques is simple; to provide an alternative to the vapid men’s magazines of today. We speak directly to an audience that’s currently not catered for – smart, educated and discerning. We speak with our readers, not at them.
Every quarter, each new issue of Jacques offers the following:
Two extended pictorial sets; featuring genuinely gorgeous girls who are as smart as they are sexy. Our pictorials are shot exclusively on film, never retouched and never airbrushed – meaning the manufactured mannequins featured in other men’s magazines simply can’t compete.
An edgy editorial; exploring contemporary issues many magazines steer clear of. We write for grown-ups – no political punditry or polarizing pleasantries here. Just real issues, real facts and expert opinion.
An intimate interview; you won’t find sycophantic scribblings about the celebrity du jour within our pages. Instead, Jacques embraces the bold, the brilliant and the bizarre, in a series of probing interviews that ask the questions others wouldn’t dare.
Exhilarating erotica; follow today’s most talented writers as they take us on a sensual journey into a world of perverse possibilities - shocking, surprising, sexy - and always unexpected.
Plus much, much more; a quarterly taste of forbidden fruit with Peach Fuzz, a lingering kiss from our Lips of the Month, scintillating essays on sexuality, literature, film and fashion and plenty of surprises in each and every issue.


You've got to be kidding.
I think by "fattie" you mean a woman with breasts.
And a woman with breasts doesn't look like a man.
Which bothers you,
Which makes you repulsive.
Men who have issues with the bodies of women need to get out of fashion. Now.
One might mistake you for a man that doesn't like competition. Jealous much?

have i got to be kidding ?

have i got to be kidding ? by fattie, i mean muscle/fat ratio. i don't think she is strong enough to hit the ball and i'm sure she'd make a bad goal keeper if she was "playing football" . to please men, that.

who said i was in fashion? is this even fashion, this video? and who said i was a man? see maria sharapovic play, then watch this crap.

i'd rather see steffi graf

i'd rather see steffi graf or sabatini play squash. cant stand fatties faking it. lol


Y'all are some evil bitches

Y'all are some evil bitches up on here! The poor girl ain't fat she's normal! NORMAL! Not like these emaciated child labor models y'all worship !

Taste is a dictatorship.

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