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Leading In London: Miss Alice Dellal

Alice Delall/Select: Ph. Mario Testino for Vogue Paris Sept.07Alice Delall/Select: Ph. Mario Testino for Vogue Paris Sept.07

The London kids have been descending on NY in droves , vibrating with energy and excitement and hungry to eat this city alive! They're telling all about what's fun in London right now. On the list:

1. Do a dinner at Mahiki in Mayfair, though you think it would have gone dead by now. But that's London for you. A Tiki spot that still keeps pulling in Prince Willie and Kate Middleton, Kanye West (who's a prince willie in his own right), Madonna and Giles Deacon. No guest list, no attitude no drama. Sounds like a vacation after the guest lists, attitude and drama of NY Fashion Week parties!

2. Stick to Shoreditch. It too, is still carrying on. Boombox still booms, Bistroteque will be mad. Loyalty's a gorgeous thing!

3. Set up an interview with Alice Dellal (she of that Casaraghi clique) now over at Select and Testino's new muse as seen in the current issue of Paris Vogue. Well we always love girls who shave the left side of their heads.

4. Expect big things from Henry Hollland! Awesome Aygness Deyn tips us off that Holland's SS08 LFW collection is going to be proper, full on and may-jah! "I'm really proud of him. It looks amazing!" hypes Agyness. Sold!

I have a new assistant flying in from London on Sept 3rd. He's been vouched for by the fantastic Tafari (more on him later). Its all very 19th century novel, complete with the impeccable letter of recommendation. George is 18, very polite and wants to come over to shoot pictures in NY and help out at MDC . He'll tell us more. Bet he's already pals with Alice. Stay tuned for our Q+A

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