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TI has been driven mad on the question of what Carine does nextTI has been driven mad on the question of what Carine does next

This whole Carine Roitfeld drama. It is the fashion scandal with the best legs in the best heels. But as a rumormonger, how to keep it spinning? TI"s gossip colleagues have focused on the "Who's The New Vogue Paris Editor " angle but TI has been driven mad on the question of what La Roitfeld does next. Today at a classic Hiss Squad lunch, the answer surfaced. Think Carine Roitfeld, the brand. Conspiracy Theory No. 1 is centered around the idea of a retrospective book of Madame Roitfeld's which would summarize her entire body of work, from her independent styling at magazines like The Face and French Glamour, to the heights of her Vogue Paris edits. Conspiracy Theory No 2 is seeing a bounty of creative consultancies at some of the hautest of houses, if not an exclusive with a certain legendary brand. But the juiciest tidbit concerns the idea of La Roitfeld as a kind of fashion icon of her own accord. I mean if ADR can have her own fragrance, why shouldn't the masses be able to buy a little bit of le style Roitfeld ? And then who would have the last laugh. As for "was she fired or did she quit" , TI is convinced he has the precise story down to the highly dramatic dialogue. But we'll save that for the book deal. Carry on Madame!

Emmanuelle did all the tough

Emmanuelle did all the tough work of putting together the magazine day to day anyways!

She'll whatever she damn well pleases

I suspect she'll do all of the above. I envy her position. Sarkozy watch out!

I think she will have a

I think she will have a bigger career now after vogue paris, also, with all the talk about if she got fired and it being because she had outside consulting gigs, it seems a bit hypocritical that conde nast would not allow that when another editor in chief of a conde nast title does and is doing more consulting than carine and emmannuelle put together!! Katie Grand does tons of consulting for louis vuitton, mulberry, dsquared etc... the list goes on. I think it is bogus and if they put the kabbosh on emmannuelle then it has to be done to everyone or no one!

Carine Roitfeld: Album of a Woman of Fashion

The book possibility is not new, because as everybody (who cares about her) knows Olivier Zahm is doing it and it's been listed on since a long time ago... Carine Roitfeld: Album of a Woman of Fashion

Carine and tom ford its too

Carine and tom ford its too predictable no...what about victorias would be amazing having her there.....she would become epic. Theres also this rumor of starting a french version of harpers bazaar or vanity fair
Lets wait

Carine's New Gig

I am thinking she is going back to help Mr. Ford out with his womens collection. It is exactly what fashion needs right now. The late 90's were defined by Carine and Tom and it is time to see it again. One can only hope...

Ford already nixxed that my

Ford already nixxed that my dear he ran and told Cathy Horyn a day or two after the announcement if I remember correctly.-M

Taste is a dictatorship.

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