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New from your favorite mixmasterNew from your favorite mixmaster

I get excited by a new U each and every time!


Bernardo Dornbusch @ Mega by Hugo Toni
Frey Mudd @ Red by Kristiina Wilson

*Chapter ONE: Arts & Reality*

Viviane Sassen
Matthew Stone
John Colver
Boy, U2
Galeria Mezanino

*Style file: *

Marcin Podsiadlo by Lukasz

*Chapter TWO: Army and fashion*

Cristina Jurach @ Mega as Barbarella by HUGO TONI, styling by HENRIQUE
Chromatic by BARRIE HULLEGIE, styling by THOMAS VERMEER, featuring Tim and
Byron @ Tony Jones
PRIVATE SESSION: Kenzie by Joe Lally, fashion editor Matthew
WHO WILL SURVIVE IN AMERICA by Madison, styling by Jihane Huts, featuring
Niels @ Name

*Chapter THREE: Evidences of a crime*

UNDER BRIDGE by Armando Branco, styling by Rob Velker, featuring Ray, Elise,
Lois and Thomas @ 77 Models
HEY TEACHER (...) by Raul Peix, styling by Les Estilistes, featuring David
Martinez @ Salvador Models BCN
IT MAKES FILMS, LIKE CRIMES (...) by Barry Hollywood

*Chapter FOUR: Death*

CRIMES by Helena Cristina Henriques, styling by Kelly Brown,
creative direction by Ryan Colby



romeuuu's picture

Thanks, Wayne! That issue

Thanks, Wayne! That issue was scheduled to be launched in January 2011 but on account of the sad events in Rio de Janeiro, I decided to launch this month. Unfortunately, here in Brazil the fashion magazines do not like to be factual, to carry the events to fashion and use it as critical, to reflect. I missed a few Twitter followers by saying that one of the references to art direction and editing were weapons and guns ;)


Taste is a dictatorship.

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