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KARL LAGERFELD's  Body Freedom starring BAPTISTE GIABICONI  Image via purple-dairy.comKARL LAGERFELD's Body Freedom starring BAPTISTE GIABICONI Image via

Oh the howls of indignation when Baptiste Giabiconi went to No 1 on MDC. How faint the sound of that outrage these days. The one thing missing, I think from latter day male model management is the sense of maintaining a narrative around a given talent. The best women's agents because there is so much more of an opportunity to do this , are brilliant at that. But male models....Many good looking guys book buckets of jobs everyday, but where is the shimmer? The charm of fashion? The dedication to building an iconic frame around the man? Who from the mob do you remember? How many male models manage to write themselves into the history of fashion?

I remember the first time I met Brad Kroenig. It was a women's casting actually, at the Ford offices when it was in Soho. Brad introduced himself and there he was, at a customary go-see, except he had showed up tanned, sleek and dazzling in a perfectly cut pin striped blazer. His manners were impeccable. He apologized for being late due to the fact that "I was having my diamonds steamed at Tiffany's" . I remember staggering back to the the MDC offices and saying to Betty Sze " I just met the new No 1 on the Men's Top 50." It was not just the steamed diamonds . It was the investment in looking like, living for and radiating a state of pure fashion. Baptiste, he's like that too, in a way that is very old school, very 70's/80's male glamour. It's locked in the Karl clique yes and not quite accessible to the public and yet I like how well his image has been pitched at the highest frequencies of fashion, his entire career. Baptiste Giabiconi is going to be iconic. Whether we like it or not.

Taste is a dictatorship.


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