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Scoop du Jour: The Row Revived? Tom Ford's French Vogue Extravaganza and Other Assorted Fashion Snips

Rad's Robot Army SS11Rad's Robot Army SS11

At Milk. Reception still sucks but the hiss kettle is singing...Stop...TI just finished a kiki with an impeccable source who assures that the aborted The Row show may very well be revived @ Paris Fashion Week and then that would be a thing....and the reason for that maddening press embargo of the runway visual from Tom Ford's magnificent NY unveiling ? Those Terry Richardson snaps were on exclusive for an All Tom Ford edited issue of Vogue Paris. Admit it ...that man knows how to deeply work a fashion moment. ...And glimpsed front row at the freshly concluded Rad by Rad...the very chic trio of Tanga Moreau, Elisa Sedanoui and Crystal Renn.

Taste is a dictatorship.


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