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Marc Atlan for that legendaryHelmut Lang perfume adMarc Atlan for that legendary Helmut Lang perfume ad

Marc Atlan, inimitable Art Director has just relaunched his site and TI had this first glimpse to share. Painstakingly rebuilt over the course of two years, the new is now live and offers a comprehensive overview of Marc's work for clients as far ranging as Cartier, Helmut Lang, Tom Ford for Yves Saint Larent Rive Gauche, Comme des Garcons, Kjaer Weis, Visionaire and Prada Beauty. For this celebration of 20 years of creative direction, packaging design, artist collaborations, graphic design, window displays and photography Mr Atlan did an exhaustive search for the full the body of the his work and in many cases rephotographed the objects featured on his website so as to maintain a rigorous consistency of line. I continue to find this extreme of quality control to be be incredibly inspiring !

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Marc Atlan for Comme des Garcons MagazineMarc Atlan for Comme des Garcons Magazine

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