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Major New Beauty: Shane gets the morning started right PH:GREGORY VAUGHNMajor New Beauty: Shane gets the morning started right. PH: GREGORY VAUGHN

Packing to get on the plane back to NY but one hour into the Manhattan business day, already picked up these signals...Mr Kanner at Major Models kicks the day off right with these new snaps of another star :Shane Sather. How expressive is this kid's beauty....A certain highly touted new beauty was spotted in LA recently making TI suspect she may have just nabbed a magnificent blue chip cover moment...Brazilian newspapers and magazines are flooding the MDC offices with requests for interviews on the occasion of Raquel Z hitting No 1 on the Editorial Girls ranking...Speaking of Miss Z which other leading campaign queen is about to get a full-on Only Girl 40 page well in that other blue chip fashion bible? And word is Mert n Marcus have been offered a whopping, stunning, jawdropping contract to be exclusive to a certain major magazine publishing entity.So there IS money in them thar hills afterall. And while in LA this weekend, TI caught up with nightlife impresario Micheal Sutton on the subject of his new endeavor Goa, which opened this weekend. Does LA have a new starlet-studded hotspot? Stay tuned!

well, aren't mert&marcus

well, aren't mert&marcus almost exclusive for 'pop'? anyways, they tend to be kind of boring these days with their up-to-date guy bourdin-esque reinvented aesthetic. but... major players are the ones who create the pace. let's just see.
happy for miss z. girl works so hard - she deserves it (how do YOU feel, la trentini?)

please correct this posting - photos NOT by Mert & Marcus

To whom it may concern:
As the agents that represent photographers Mert Alas & Marcus Piggot, we ask that you kindly remove these postings and run a CORRECTION asap!
These images were NOT taken by Mert & Marcus.

Thank you,
Art Partner Inc.

These photographs are NOT credited to Mert n Marcus

Absolutely nowhere on this page does it allege that the given photograph is by Mert n Marcus. I think you may have misinterpreted the tag line to be a credit line. The tags that appear at the top of the post are simply the list of subjects discussed in that post ...which is not the same as a picture credit. Now should you care to confirm or deny the post's speculation about a Mert n Marcus mega-contract, that would be an entirely different matter! Email me at the classic email address ( and I'm at your disposal.

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Taste is a dictatorship.

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