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Rasa turns it out for Spur Japan this morning in NYCRasa turns it out for Spur Japan this morning in NYC

It's the dash to the pre-holidays finish line! Europe grinds to a halt in August and the New York industry, whether agents or models use the window between July 15th and August 15 to get a much needed breather before the feeding frenzy of the shows. That would explain why fashion news and fashionable drama has been slowing to a trickle thus far this month. With four bookings to knock out in the next two weeks I decided to sniff around Next Models on this dreary New York morning to see what they had brewing in the New Faces margins. In between a sit-down with Prada girl Rasa for Spur Japan, I scanned through the Next development board and there were two new girls there that struck a model maniac like myself speechless. One thing that has been a consistent virtue at Next has been their ability to hold the career momentum of their most promising discoveries at a steady warp rate. Outsmarting the hype-her-then-dump-her tactics of today's clients is an exhausting feat but the Next kids are doing that extremely well. Just ask Miss Abbey Lee. Interestingly enough I also sussed out that the celeb-model contingent led by the likes of Alexa Chung and Alice Dellal has been drawing stellar billings, a twist that made me think about what might be a new trend in modeling. It is a province I've always loved : that overlap between a social girl with killer personal style and authentic fashion cred. But who knew there was that much gold in them thar hills? Speaking of gold, it was great to get Rasa's story as she for me has been the most cryptic Prada campaign girl ever. But her narrative is very entertaining: Lithuianan teenager from a seriously academic family gets drawn into modeling on a lark and find herself doing looks at the Prada showroom before helming the SS10 campaign solo. In her spare time Rada loves to take pictures and has had two exhibits thus far in her country. AND she loves to bake pies. TI thinks the readers in Tokyo will adore her. I know I did.

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