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Ivan Bart giving cover power in IMG's early daysIvan Bart giving cover power in IMG's early days

The story of the global modeling industry over the past 10 years is the story of IMG Model Management. Period. Insurgents have briefly breached the shore only to recede in a tide of departing agents and shifting boards. And in all of this IMG has stood constant as an epitome of discipline, stability and order. Which leads to this image in our minds that those IMG kids are all work and no fun. Well look at what my excavation project turned up. Mr Bart , about the time when Liya Kebede was a newcomer in town (see her first ever IMG card upper left) . There's a story in all this methinks.

ivan bart

is a great manager, a caring person and a professional


i thought liya was at pauline's before img. so when she switched over to img she had been in town for awhile already.

well i want to know more...



Who could not love Ivan Bart? he's simply Brilliant. Just thinking of him makes me smile.

Ivan Bart/IMG

What a fabulous picture! Yes the story of Mr Bart and the rise of IMG as a global force is one that needs to be written about. I remember the day that I heard that Ivan had left Ford for IMG. Back then it raised quite a few eyebrows and many asked why would he do such a thing as IMG at the time had the rep of a D list catalog agency and were rated below Wilhelmina, American, Click and other such agencies of that era.
But what happened afterward has gone down in modeling history as the single greatest expansion ever seen.
I have to take off my hat to Ivan and all his staff for what they have created from scratch. IMG is without doubt the industry leader and the rise of it is a work of persistence, determination, great management skill in every respect.
Jealous naysayers will disagree but the fact of the matter is that IMG offers complete solid devotion to the models they represent (along with a helluva lot of skill and experience to boot). And from a clients POV they ARE full service; return calls/emails, follow up, are pleasant to deal with and just are amazing.
They scout in every corner of the globe,look after their models well being and guide careers so well.

Rather than just book a model for a quick commission they will turn it down if its not a career builder..and that's just one of the reasons that so many girls want to be with them or have joined them.

Concluding, I have to say that IMG will only get bigger and better and no other agency is on their level at present. Congrats to everyone at IMG for the fantastic job you do,have done and will continue to do. You girls and guys rock!!

PS. I am not an IMG employee. I just want to give some love when it's due. :)

At the time you could smoke

At the time you could smoke in the agency :)

Taste is a dictatorship.

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