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Elite Paris' Fei Fei gives us that new feelingElite Paris' Fei Fei gives us that new feeling

There's an unwritten memo now circulating in an abstract way amongst a tight circle of model-makers and the message is this...the directive of the 00's to have armies of blank, disposable, lookalike girls marching at the service of the campaigns, magazines and the runways is over. New decade, new ideal and that agenda was pursued with distinction at the Marc Jacobs, Prada. Giles Deacon's and Louis Vuitton's Fall shows. Turning to the pages, what the early booking reports on the FW 10 campaigns and editorials is registering is a taste for the ultra-individual girl, somewhat in that 90's mode when Karen looked nothing like Stella who looked not at all like Amber who was totally different from Shalom who existed at angles worlds away from Kirsten. That direction is registering for the Givenchy FW 10 ads, a current Vogue Italia story being lensed and has been practiced in earnest in recent months at Vogue Paris. Interesting thing is to scan is which agencies will adjust their scouting to reflect that and which ones are still buying last decade's program. The blank pages await.

Taste is a dictatorship.


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