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Elite Paris' Fei Fei gives us that new feelingElite Paris' Fei Fei gives us that new feeling

There's an unwritten memo now circulating in an abstract way amongst a tight circle of model-makers and the message is this...the directive of the 00's to have armies of blank, disposable, lookalike girls marching at the service of the campaigns, magazines and the runways is over. New decade, new ideal and that agenda was pursued with distinction at the Marc Jacobs, Prada. Giles Deacon's and Louis Vuitton's Fall shows. Turning to the pages, what the early booking reports on the FW 10 campaigns and editorials is registering is a taste for the ultra-individual girl, somewhat in that 90's mode when Karen looked nothing like Stella who looked not at all like Amber who was totally different from Shalom who existed at angles worlds away from Kirsten. That direction is registering for the Givenchy FW 10 ads, a current Vogue Italia story being lensed and has been practiced in earnest in recent months at Vogue Paris. Interesting thing is to scan is which agencies will adjust their scouting to reflect that and which ones are still buying last decade's program. The blank pages await.

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A new breed of designers causes for a new breed of models. The model is beautiful [or not] to the designer. However, the thinness's sickening to believe that that particular aesthetic is still being promoted.

Great but...

I applaud the new direction in the industry but I don't know, Wayne...this picture is disturbing (only because she's too thin).

its stupid to think the pic

its stupid to think the pic is disturng becuz she's skinny !! fei fei is the asian maria carla boscono to me !! its all in the eyes !!! priceless

Pretty girl face. Little

Pretty girl face. Little boy body. Nice try but No.

Not seeing the pretty in

Not seeing the pretty in this girl. sorry, she's not ugly, but I guess anyone can be a model these days if they happen to be thin enough.

far too thin. not saying she

far too thin. not saying she isnt stunning, just wish she had shape.

i agree, but ive watched her

i agree, but ive watched her since her Elite Model Look days and she had onlya slightly fuller figure.. but she was already thin and tall so this is so unecessary


Far too young? I think she's about 20. Love her look, her face is stunning. I'm so excited.

...and will it be diversely

...and will it be diversely racialized?


lets just hope the new direction steers us away from what this girl pictured is. while she is beautiful, she is far to young and dangerously thin (hello, lollipop head). i would like to see unique and healthy women on the runway next season.

im sorry but sunfeifei is

im sorry but sunfeifei is not that thin compare with shu pei
and Givenchy choose a chinese girl for their new campaign !!!!!!!!! money rules the world

i dont know who shu pei is,

i dont know who shu pei is, but if youre any thinner than this girl you must have already begun decomposing. i love good diverse casting, but this type of thin is very disturbing to me. i doubt she would even fit a size 0!


Amazing that you could come and comment on a model and not know who Shu Pei is. She's one of the biggest catwalker at the moment.
Truth be told, Fei Fei is not as skinny as the polas made her look. She is asian anyways and most asian girls have skinny frames. Check out her backstage photo as Sonia Rykiel

lol decomposing, but I don't

lol decomposing, but I don't think Sun Feifei was always this thin, hopefully she can get some more meet on her bones. She has a heck of a stunning face though regardless..

she is not" too" thin she is

she is not" too" thin she is thin ,the idea is that she is herself not an animal to be judged as "too" anything ,she is beautifull and stunning and thin,that does not make her any better than a full figured woman nor worst.Now if the issue is that she is too thin to fit the lane bryant collection your right ,but obviously she can do beauty and runway and editorial.we need more asian models on the scene,and we need asian male models too .fashion is too dominated by the european ideal,which got us into the "too thin" problem we are in anyway.The asian demographic is a growing one ,we need to represent it.culturally asian people tend towards being lean thats due to genetics and diet,the model seems healthy to me,in all due respect thin as well as full figured people can be healthy.

im not saying she isnt

im not saying she isnt healthy, but if designers are making samples to fit girls as thin as her, it is completely hopeless for many models who are in their 20s and are healthy and slim. that kind of thin can only be accomplished, for a majority of girls, by starving.

haha. do u even know her

haha. do u even know her measurements? what makes you think she's too thin? just because european models are more big boned doesnt mean this girl is all skin and bones. I think she is the same size as most models on the runway.

do i need to know the

do i need to know the measurments? just look at the image. the disturbing part is that there are many girls who do the shows at that size, and models who arent that size and aspire to do the shows go to extreme measures to appear as thin as this girl.


who is her mother agent?

Taste is a dictatorship.

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