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CURRENT READING: Pierre Cardin Evolution: Furniture and Design

The madness and the genius: Pierre Cardin's "Maison Bulle" in CannesThe madness and the genius: Pierre Cardin's "Maison Bulle" in Cannes

Pierre Cardin apparently has claimed the legend, "the inventor of prêt-à-porter" and that indicates that he is a fearless man. Cardin is also the man who occassioned a revolution in licensing , a feat that made him incredibly wealthy quite quickly. But for TI there is another aspect of Cardin's oevure that is absolutely compelling. That would be the radical pieces of furniture Cardin commissioned during the 1970s. These are works that as the book bio describes " transposed his sculptural approach to fashion into furniture design: futuristic forms combined with traditional lacquer and cabinetmaking techniques and revolutionary space-age designs that featured metal and plastics."

" Pierre Cardin Evolution" is a comprehensive chronicle of the work Cardin did with artists such as Serge Manzon, Christian Adam, Maria Pergay, Giacomo Passera, Prevost, and Pacos as well as the rare designs produced in his Paris workshops or by Japanese firm Yamada Shomei, such as his Space line. I imagine that collecting these pieces will require a masssive buying budget as the Galerie Kreo crowd is sure to descend on this 70's trove with a vengeance. But it is so very nice to look at and covet.

Now you can buy

I find those pices of '70 design in Pierre Cardin official site: or
In addition to furniture designed in the 1970s, there are the latest pieces of 2008, including the famous Boa Chair, Boa table, the wetbar Enigma and many other pieces that have been in design museums and exhibitions.
There is only one problem, costing a lot.

Cardin's architecture

This is an absolutely fantastic find. Is the house still standing in Cannes or has it been demolished? I should try to go and look for it!

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