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Rose Cordero: March 2010 Vogue Paris cover.Rose Cordero: March 2010 Vogue Paris cover.

"I think that part of that mythology forged at Yves Saint Laurent by astounding models like Katoucha has been missing from the fashion archives in years. Rose to my eye is a brilliant opportunity to refresh that imagery.. that feeling that is Parisienne couture ...that is extreme elegance... "

TI: Thu Jan 15th , 2009

"TI really needs to stop hyping these girls up so much. It wasn't long ago that he put "La Rosa Negra" on this pedestal, and dubbed her the Next big thing, close to Iconic and so on and so forth. Where is she now, although she has done ok, her career has not been as BIG as TI made it out to seem."

Submitted by Anonymous on Thu, Nov 12th 2009

Paging Anonymous Naysayer, white courtesy telephone please. Kindly come to the service desk and pick ya shattered face up off our floor.

i think this is GREAT and

i think this is GREAT and captivating cover. i love rose. she has that fragile beauty that africanamerican models rarely have. special girl for sure <3

Im glad for her and thank

Im glad for her and thank you Wayne BUT WHAT ABOUT THE PHOTOSHOP, Ive seen so many hi-res runway-backstage-whatever pictures of her to not mention this.

i would killl to see the

i would killl to see the unretouched version of this!!!!


Stop being such a hater u f...... hater

everybody is a critic/

everybody is a critic/ everybody is annonymous

whose nose is that?

whose nose is that?

can we please

discuss how they photoshopped her a bit too much for my liking. will your dear friend Mr Rowland get the girl a nose job now? ok there is photoshopping for the sake of creating beauty beyond belief but why in this instance does it mean changing her nose and forehead? I love Rose and hope she will go far.
thank you VP for putting another woman of color on your cover ( sense the sarcasm). Because Naomi was the last really?

yea black is cool again woohoo! let the raping of their culture continue

yes paul, hurry up an get

yes paul, hurry up an get that nose pinched! thanks

Bitter Bitter Bitter

Let me get this ...when black models are not on the cover it is a problem and when they are on the cover it is rape? WTF?

«Which major major major

«Which major major major fashion bible is going out on a limb this Spring »
thank TI , still i couldnt believe it.


Well Done to all concerned!
Naysayers would have said that Paul Rowland took a chance on Rose - he didn't take any chance, (his eye/mind is about 7 steps ahead of the rest) he just went with what he knows best and a massive congrats to him. Same goes to Wayne for picking it as well. And last but not least xoxox to the gorgeous young lady herself!!
Ouch to Anonymous Naysayer, a roll of toilet paper also needed. Kindly come to the service desk and pick ya shattered face up off our floor and clean up your you know what!
This is a beautiful thing.

I keep warning the gurls

Don't come for miss wayne. When she reads she reads to kill. I remember when she was a nice but ever since she started running with the kids with coins she 's gotten to be veeeery c.u.n.t.y

HAHA I remember seeing that

HAHA I remember seeing that anonymous comment and kind of thinking the same thing. I mean, I love ethnic models like rose, tao and daul (Rip), but sometimes i think they just don't get as many opportunities as caucasian models do.
So THANK YOU for this VP cover!! (: Proving the haters wrong.. Plus, doesn't hurt that Rose is having what I think is a FANTASTIC FW season so far. Love that she's getting better and better with every fashion week. Love her. Thanks TI.

This is the best I have ever

This is the best I have ever seen Rose looking.

She looks like an edgy/ model version of Rihanna. Although her nose looks a bit false in the photo.

Never the less.. no shade

Cold! Love it.

Cold! Love it.

When i saw this cover..

I thought TI must be basking in all this glory..

She does look fab on this cover.

Though my personal taste is all for Sessilee.

LOL... I knew this was

LOL... I knew this was coming, I just felt it. I even commented on it twice on your site and u never published my comment, how interesting!

..guess you were wrong anonymous.

i don't care what anonymous has to say...obviously he/she was wrong. i applaud TI for pushing black and ethnic models the way he's been doing. the runway and advertising world has been a bland, pale bunch for years..luckily it seems things are changing. in part thanks to people behind the scenes who push for change. thanks!


Hey, somebody has to PUSH...otherwise we'd continue seeing blonde European girls with gapped teeth FOREVER. I sure as hell don't want that. Beauty comes in many more colors, shapes and sizes.

LOST in Translation

I'm not sure why your commenting on my comment, but to clarify I was speaking to the fact that I had a hunch that Rose would be on a upcoming cover of Paris Vogue and I stated that on this site twice in regards to one of Mr. Imagist Hiss moments , and he never published my hunch, obviously because he wanted to be the first one to break the news!

Taste is a dictatorship.

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