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Hailing The Tafari!

Tafari to the fore!Tafari to the fore!

TI family, if you missed the live Showstudio performance by lovely Tafari Hinds yesterday (Thursday Dec 10th) then tune in next week when the archival footage of the event goes up. Prepare to see Mr Hinds Hinds performing in the LiveStudio space with " Emilie Bausager vocalizing and London DJs James Harwood and Ben Davies on decks. As showstudio outlines "Vivienne Westwood and Simon Foxton style ... while artist Olympia Scarry transforms the LiveStudio into a one-off performance space." TI's has an advance of two of the tracks and suggests you first adopt this fabulous new artist fast.

A little off topic perhaps,

A little off topic perhaps, but a request for people to think about the ethics of purchasing items like lawnmowers and gardening equipment. Please try and think about, for example, the materials your product is manufactured with, the human rights of the employees where they're made and the ethics of retailers. And endeavour to share with to acquaintances rather than throwing away. Thanks!!!!

Taste is a dictatorship.

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