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Blood Is The New Black Smashes The Grid

Josh Slater meets The Face meets SlamhypeJosh Slater meets The Face meets Slamhype

TI clearly has print on the mind these days as I've been stumbling across an interesting chain of associations that tells me the cult mags of the past are alive and well as an influence on current creative culture. The chain started with the new Blood Is The New Black e-mailer which I love as BITNB reminds me not to stay stuck on the grid too much. The grid is that East Coast/Euro-urban/good-taste=minimal/monochrome school of rectangular restraint. That always looks good but is it lively? Not always. BITNB is West Coast hi-chromatic, DIY cut-n-paste freestyle taste that wraps up unpretentious design with good intelligence on the parties and gallery happenings on the LA-scene. It might not be severe and chic but those kids truly have fun. Scrolling idly thru their bricolage of crazy party fliers, gallery opening and celeb-alerts (from Gaga to Adam Lambert to L'll Wayne and back) I stumbled onto a blurb for New Order magazine. The 80's The Face logo...The Kaws mash-up and an incisive cut-through the work of Josh Slater. My heart sang. New Order magazine is brought to you by an outfit titled "Slamhype". Slamhype's (sexy!) mission statement declares taht they are devoted to "filtering the best news around the web and within media into one place, bringing street culture to one place, a creditable and reliable source for anyone around the world." Even if its built from pieces of the past it is lovely to see a new feeling being constructed. Respect!

Taste is a dictatorship.


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