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After buzzing through the increasingly vital today TI picked up that enquiring minds need to know what September's Vogue Italia may have in store for the devoted mag hound. There were several compelling mademoiselles on set for that issue but Hiss Squad Milan is whispering that VI Sept 09 is a multiple cover extravaganza with some of those choice beauties going stand-alone. Now the fun part is sussing out who those might be...think compelling blonde (or two) weighed against a surprisingly unique choice of a brunette...I bet the kids will nail it with precision.

La Linda!!!

I hope to see Linda Evangelista in the cover ! ! !

linda evangelista

I hope to see Linda Evangelista in the cover!!!!!

Are all of them models? Or

Are all of them models? Or is there a celeb too? (I hope not!)

Doutzen Kroes

Doutzen Kroes

^laughable... I heard it's


I heard it's Sasha and Jagodzinska as the blondes...


i would guess lara because meisel got her on the US vogue cover and has yet to use her for VI
but the september covers of VI ans VP would be overkill and her management knows better than that

Lindsay Wixon, Karlie, and

Lindsay Wixon, Karlie, and Jac
But i wouldn't call Karlie and Jac blondes...

No. They're for

No. They're for October...not September. Wayne's post is about a different batch of girls.

Meghan Collison? she has a

Meghan Collison?
she has a few VI editorials coming out with Steven...

I cannot wait until i see

I cannot wait until i see Linda back on the cover! Shes Meisel favorite cĀ“mon, plus she can sell magazines you know that!

Linda on Leave?

I think Linda has been taking a personal hiatus. She hasn't made any public appearances and she skipped out on Cannes this year altogether. No campaigns for the upcoming season except L'Oreal (as if that isn't big enough).

Taste is a dictatorship.

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