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Yibran, Sonny and Craig gather for some black glass glamour at 15 BroadYibran, Sonny and Craig gather for some black glass glamour at 15 Broad

What a thoroughly luscious Saturday night TI had at the cocktail party's Fabien Montique threw at 15 Broad to welcome a company of fantastic newcomers to the NYC scene! My Saturday nights in NYC has been quite dire of late so I'm still in a state of gratitude for the feeling of that night that very post-goth meets High 70's tuxedo chic . It was all very black glass night glamour and that gives one hope that these new kids, these new forces are going to bring more moments like this in their wake. The guests of honor were Dutch stylist (and's editor) , Sonny Groo as well as Boss' exotic hothouse of a South African model, Carmen. Mr Groo has been cutting quite the swath through the city's showrooms, styling multiple editorials as well as assisting that very afternoon on a mega-shoot with that certain Hollywood A-List actress. And of course for Carmen, her first week in the city has been a non-stop run of go-sees with virtually every blue chip client in town. But there's the joy of being 18 (Carmen) and 21 (Sonny)...that relentless energy...the ruthless ambition..and that pure, pure capacity to have unlimited fun. It was brilliant watching the fearless Mr Groo swishing past Phillipe Starck's overscale chandelier in 15 Broad's lobby wearing a floor sweeping vintage lace skirt under a formidable black trench coat. Then there was Carmen's moment in a mad VPL hair dress that just happened to match the sweet girl's hair color to a T. TI loved watching this most modern of girls shimmy to the beat like a 60's debutante. I had take a break from the champagne to lean over to David Bosman mid-sip and whisper "She IS a model."
For all that fun what really ignited the night for me was the quality of the conversation rustling through the room. Sonny's crew included French banker Jean -Phillipe Grig, art student Yibran Palacios and altamiranyc style photographer Craig Arend in the most flawless silk shirt that made you think "Chanel Homme really should!" .From them, TI picked up tons and tons of information, insight, hiss, scandal, allegations, insinuations and ideas. Chief amongst them was the realization that new generation fashionistas really do look at those fast fashion brands as viable career paths. The showstopper of the evening had to be Mr Groo's revelation that working with H&M represented a height of ambition for him. TI gagged quite visibly but new thoughts should do that non? Marilyn's Dean Rodgers made the scene with his boyfriend, Colin and when I explained that Dean was veteran of the Dior Homme runways of the mid-Zeroes , the kids double-taked. "You mean he has been dressed by Hedi himself !!!" they gasped. I giggled at the thought that 2005 had already become a mythic fashion memory. I also loved the exchange with Jean Phillipe about the distinction between the aristocratic last names in France dating from the era of the Bourbons vs the post Napoleonic- 19th century gentry. Cut to a conversation with Red's Amelia about the fine art of getting through Bed-Sty in a well worked directional look and let's just say the chatter had the kind of range you can only get in this fine city. That might have been the theme of evening...the wonderful open-ness to new things and new people that is a great New York City hallmark. That glittering black and silver night cityscape has always been a backdrop against which generation after generation..the Studio 54 decadents, the 80's punk dissidents, the Upper East Side privileged and the East Village grunge kids have always dreamed. It was so exciting watching a new variation on that dream shimmer into focus.

Carmen  rocks a really shaggy VPL moment.Carmen rocks a really shaggy VPL moment.

Sonny gives NYC a directional visualSonny gives NYC a directional visual

Carmen does a 60's shag on the futuristic tipCarmen does a 60's shag on the futuristic tip

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