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Fashion magazines don't want to die. They want to stun you out of your pessimism. So says our Paris Hiss Squad chapter that caught whiff of a plot to convert one of today's most luscious beauties into something severe and sinister for the September Vogue Paris cover . Think the most radical model makeover yet this year....And speaking of September issues all the kids are rabid trying to find out what Sept's epic Vogue Italia will fly on the cover. There were girls..there were boys...there were perfect beauties and edgy new girls all amingling.... And then there is the formidable proposition that is Love# 2. All the coolest of the cool new generation girls have been congregating which makes punters pray for a new model cover. Let's chant and "ohm" and prayer-bead for that!


¨Raquel Zimmermann!!??? -.-

Natasha! or Claudia?

We're thinking it's either Natasha Poly or Claudia Schiffer. Though VP does love their Eva Herzigova..

Adriana Lima? Rumor has it

Adriana Lima? Rumor has it that she was in Paris recently.

I was thinking of Adriana

I was thinking of Adriana too

no, the model went from

no, the model went from blonde to black

Blonde to black

Only for the shooting or is it a permanent change?

Linda can sell magazines -

Linda can sell magazines - and apparently Gisele has lost her touch...thats what they say.
And although Linda for VI would be otherwordly predictable, i would love to see her grace the VI september cover.
Maybe after all these years she deserves that, once again!

That Coveted Cover

I love Legendary Linda to death...but she's 44 now. Whether she deserves to be on the September cover (I personally think she most certainly deserves it), wouldn't it be risky to put her on a September cover in these risky financial times? Someone like Gisele (btw, who says she has lost her touch?)is a lot younger and can still reach the younger audience. But then VI is a totally different animal than...say...American Vogue. Hmmm.

Well, Linda is 44, its ok,

Well, Linda is 44, its ok, shes done her stuff through the years, but Lauren Hutton is way older than Linda, and though not so recognizable like the younger one, Lauren is still very coveted! Im sure that in risky financial times they should go for the right girls. By the way i didnt mean that Gisele lost her touch, i definitely think that she has NEVER! But its true that she can reach a younger audience...
but i want LINDA anyway hahahah



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