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Glenn O Brien was a cutie back in the day  non?Glenn O Brien was a cutie back in the day non?

Gosh. With all this strum und drang around Interview and Brant Publications and what not, TI just wants to pop in something from the TV Party series and bask in that Early 80's moment when the underground was underground and Glenn O Brien was young, luscious and unburdened. Here's the back story...TV party was a public access show on Manhattan cable where the leading lights of the New York underground romped in near-public view in this kind of psuedo-talk show.

Or in Mr O Brien's words "I guess it was punk TV. We were anti-technique, anti-format, anti-establishment and anti-anti-establishment. We liked to break all the rules of good broadcasting. Sometimes we'd just sit around and say, " Well, what should we do now?" Sometimes we sat there and did nothing. They say dead air is the kiss of death in broadcasting but we liked it. Sometimes we would sit perfectly still like a tape on pause but it was life."

Of course when your guests were the likes of Debbie Harry, Jean Michel Basquiat, Teri Toye and Steven Meisel (in a legendary "makeover" session you must see to believe) and Klaus Nomi , then mad things were bound to happen. Start your collection with the Halloween Show (October 30th, 1979). You'll be hooked I assure you!

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