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Lara vs Natasha for the New No 1 slot at MDC.Lara vs Natasha for the New No 1 slot at MDC.

Raquel Zimmerman has ruled the No 1 spot at MDC for almost two years now, signaling that she is indeed that rare, rare paragon of longevity. Open US Vogue today and there she still is poised and inscrutable as ever...mystery and reputation perfectly intact. But the upcoming FW 09 campaign and editorial season seems to be telegraphing that a new wave of defining models are rising fast to own this moment. Two very different girls are sweeping in from opposite career directions to bid as the next girl destined for that No 1 slot . On the right, the immaculate Natasha Poly who has witnessed a career that started blue chip from day one, with bookings that have swept through all the classic landmarks of impending star status . On the left lurks that most unlikely of sensations, Ms Lara Stone, a girl who has managed to pull virtually every power client imaginable under her sway in the last two years ranging from a Vogue Italia cover to an All-Lara French Vogue issue, culminating in her current inclusion in the US Vogue club. Whose moment is it finally then? Both girls have their supporters and detractors...and this is the quick synopsis of the sentiments swirling around each girl.

1. No model in recent times has had a more pristine booking trail. None. It is one that has never dipped, never seen an off season and Natasha has never failed to upgrade her client list. It started at Vogue Paris via the imagery of Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin gained recent sanction from the Meisel camp in US Vogue and has entailed repeat clients like Blumarine, Jil Sander and Gucci as well as brands such as CK Jeans, Balmain and Givenchy.
2. Runway history= FLAWLESS.
3. Given her consistency and utter professionalism chances are Natasha at No 1 will not be suspectible to sudden dips in her bookings. As a classic beauty presenting a perfect fashion frame chances are she stands to match the tradition of Raquel and Daria as true long distance runners.

1. Where is that classic clincher...that makes a No 1 indisputable...that big money blue chip cosmetic brand contract that truly sets a girl in a whole different context? Does it bode well to wait for that to fall into place before pushing Ms Poly to that No 1 slot.
2. Natasha going to No 1 continues a tradition of a journeyman model with no public impact and no media heat rising to the top in the eyes of industry insiders but adding little excitement to the overall fashion industry.
3. In that vein, Natasha has had a lot of editorial presence recently but beyond the group US Vogue fold-out , little solo cover presence.

1. Her ability to pull in and hold fashion's biggest punters in constant fascination is a sign of a star model. Carine Roitfeld's All Lara issue , Inez and Vinoodh's landmark editorials with her , the Givenchy,CK/Jeans and Calvin Klein Cosmetics bookings all converge to make Lara seem quite consistent and coveted.
2. Since July 2008 Lara Stone has had 7 covers (W July 2008 with Daria and Kate by Bruce Weber, V Magazine Sept 2008 with Inez and Vinoodh, The Journal with Juergen Teller, ID November 2008, Vogue Paris Feb 2009 with Inez and Vinoodh, Japanese Vogue April 2009, US Vogue May 2009 (group) .
3. Lara Stone the grown woman in a sea of teenagers with a woman's body and a woman's presence inadvertently has risen to be a kind of cultural force. She's sexy and gritty and real that promises to take the idea of modeling outside the limited confines the fashion industry even as she challenges and changes the ideal of what a model can be. Maybe that's the kind of ideal a bored fashion culture needs right now.

1. The campaign history, while respectable is not remarkable relative to even a Sasha (who seems to be resurging this season now that she's in the Chanel camp) .Every No One thus far has proven to be a repeat offender with multiple blue chip brands. Is Lara then more of a highly celebrated editorial sensation as opposed to a client-keeper.
2. Is there room left to rise in Lara Stone's career trajectory? Or is the current moment a peak that will see an inevitable fall? After the Calvin Klein Cosmetics visibility is there really room left for a cross-over to the Cover Girls/Maybellines/Estees for such a rock n roll figure as La Lara.? It may be argued that Natasha still has a very visible fragrance booking on her CV, proving her preferred status as a commercial commodity.
3. Lara's clear disenchantment with the runway circuit leads one to suspect that being in fashion is not life or death to her. But do you survive this business without that desire to be the best at your trade?

And then as an addendum comes that sight of Sasha seeming to re-ignite after the inevitable slow Post-Prada season. Will the FW 09 bookings reflect a three way race. I'd be very happy to hear your thoughts.

this is sick, people

this is sick, people treating it like presidential elections. they will earn their money , what will u gain with your essays on who the number one should be. why bother about these peasant girls?...lara is demodé already.and ugly. anyway bye.


There are no words, except NATASHA for #1




Not Natasha or Lara, Raquel is still having the best campaigns, editorials and covers. None of these girls can compares to her. For the next season Raquel will be on Hérmes, Jean Paul Gaultier, Giorgio Armani, Gucci and Shiseido campaigns, she is still the number one, no doubt.


I am very happy to see two of my favourite models in the running. And although I love Natasha, I strongly believe that Lara Stone deserves this. As a model myself, I love her healthy womanly look. It is something we need see more of in this industry. Her editorial work never fails to impress, and her uniqueness will prove to be very important in this fashion slump.

Natasha Poly A.K.A The Goddess on the runway.

I would say it is pretty obvious whom deserves the prestigious No. 1 spot. Natasha has the walk, the covers, the personality and the undeniable beauty, which is soo unique, that cannot be found anywhere else. In her first season two covers of French Vogue, something unheard of from a beginner. Natasha has been continuously working without slack in her career even through the whole size zero model scandal, and has beaten other models to the most blue-chip of jobs and continuously rules the runway with her formidable walk. A walk which beats those of Gisele and the panther Naomi Campbell. She has worked for high fashion companies, such as Dolce and Gabbana, Roberto Cavalli , Givenchy, Balmain, Blumarine, Gucci, Missoni, TSE, COS, Jil Sander, Nina Ricci, Louis Vuitton and Sonia Rykiel. She has worked for commercial companies, such as Ralph Lauren, Victoria's Secret , H and M, Nine West and far too much more to count.

Lara Stone and Sasha are undeniably beautiful, but they lack the personality that Natasha has and that X-factor which separates a supermodel to a fashion icon. Lara Stone and Sasha have quickly reached the top, they haven't gone through the pain of being always second best and being underrated which creates a model that strives to be the best.

Natasha Poly is undeniably the models to be No. 1, or it not she must be moved to the fashion icon list, case in point, even Steven Meisel has taken note of her career, after he thought that she was never going to be a top model. NATASHA IS NUMBER ONE.

A Galaxy of Stars

It's not a competition-- they're all great

"Lara Stone and Sasha have

"Lara Stone and Sasha have quickly reached the top, they haven't gone through the pain of being always second best and being underrated which creates a model that strives to be the best. "

lol ok, i'll quote lara herself:
"LS: No. But I worked at McDonalds! (laughs). Then, I was kicked out of high school because I made to many problems for them. I finished school, in the end, but when I was kicked out, my parents, the agency in the Netherlands and me decided that I had to go to Paris for my career. So that’s what I did. I was 16 years old. During eight years I just got by, without a cent. I had to duck under the Paris underground barriers, because I didn’t have anything to buy tickets with. My mother used to send me money one week, and the agency the following week. I was scared. At one time, The agency even refused to give me money, by saying that I owed them.
OZ: They counted the money the rent money in your debt?
LS: Yes. They counted everything. Appalling. When you are young also - and even today - it scares you to learn that you owe a lot of money. So they started to book me in almost all the German catalogues, I had to smile, hop about… I repaid my debt in a month, it was great."


Do we really have to choose one of them?
I read everything about those 2 and I think is still hard to choose....I love Natasha since she appeared on the runway for the first time and she kept going ...better and better every season. Natasha on the runway is the most closest to Gisele...they both have THE PRESENCE on the runway and I like her pictures ,her covers but I don`t love them like others models such as Gisele and Raquel .
About Lara, she appears in the scene and everybody starts to talk about her . THe covers and editorials are incredible but her catwalk is horrible...why is that? After sometime doing the shows she would be better ,don`t` you think? Like Lily Donaldson,she used to have a terrible catwalk but now she is good...not the best but good walker.
Lara doesn`t seem like she cares....
I don`t know....Maybe Natasha deserves more ...but to be honest I don`t think either of them should be number 1 or even Sasha...
But if I have to vote I choose Natasha...
Rodrigo Dutra

Lara any time

I would choose Lara any day of the week.
In the beginning of her career I actually quite liked Natasha,
but after seeing a dozen Gucci campaigns she just started to really bore me.
Like .. are you serious - how boring can a model be? And she just looks like any other russian model.
Lara on the other hand is fresh and different. She rocks French Vogue.
It's so amazing to see a model with womanly curves really rock the fashion world. I love her!!

PS. Is it just me who've never gotten Raquel?
I can't really stand her. I think she fucks every campaign up. Just look at those Fendi campaigns. HORRIBLE!

Sasha for number one!

Natasha is one of the most insipid models I've ever seen. There's nothing slightly interesting or alluring about her. She's bland. Achingly plain. Nice bone structure, good cheebones, but no appeal. She does her job well (she can pose, I say) and she's quite professional, but she doesn't have the mystique to be a number one. You can't even compare her to Raquel, another girl who ended up in the number one position after many and many years of career. But Raquel is very interesting. Natasha isn't.
Sasha should be number one. She is so expressive and versatile. She can play any role, she can look angelic, vampish, scary, sexy, weird, rebel, exotic, you name it, she can do it. You don't see many models with that range nowadays. And she actually had some pretty good covers and campaigns in her after Prada seasons. And now things are getting even better. Sasha must be number one. Lara is good and very unusual for fashion (with all those breasts, that gap and her too cool for school attitude), but I think she has a lot to learn about modelling yet. And I really don't think she's really interested about being the number one. She simply doesn't care, while Sasha actually works hard for the top.

Stones Never Move

Dear Sirs and Madams,
Although to argue this is futile because it is based solely on the opinions of deranged fashion fans, I would like to point out some things that many may not think about.

Lara Stone has many clear advantages over Natasha Poly.
A. The Name — Lara Stone. Short. Memorable. Like a ROCK. This gives her the persona of a warrior.
Natasha Poly. Poly could mean something to do with her stick figure. But to me it sounds like the other 100 million russian model names. Her real name is Natalia Polevshchikova. Bland. Boring. Not worth mention.

B. The Body — Although Natasha has flashed a nip or two in her day. The "breast-out" award certainly goes to Lara. I have seen Lara's breasts more times than I can count fingers and toes. This = memorable. Love it or hate it, we all talk about Lara's breasts, whether it's a "Here we go again", or "They are so perky".

C. Memorability — Natasha Poly has blond hair and brown eyes. Lara Stone has blond hair and brown eyes. Coincidence? Lara has the bone structure of an early homo sapien. Natasha Poly has pretty big cheekbones as well. Lara Stone has "THE GAP". That famous teeth gap that is unforgettable. It's the quirky looks that win out the top spot. Kate Moss has the widest face I've ever seen. I just gotta say it, I could pick Lara out of a stadium. Natasha.... not so sure.

D. Look into her eyes and tell me Lara isn't the better candidate for stealing our hearts, wowing our minds, and pushing the boundaries of fashion models.

Natasha is not that

Natasha is not that impressive in the long-haul, she is similar to Raquel to me, great models with great runway/campaign/editorial histories.. but they leave no lasting impact to me. Lara Stone is more memorable.. but if I had to choose I still think I'd go with Natasha, she is more deserving, if Raquel got it, Natasha should get it, let Lara prove herself a few more seasons.

If I have to choose I'd say

If I have to choose I'd say Natasha for no 1! Lara is also great but does not have Natasha's longevity yet. Natasha is the runway queen, the main Gucci girl, and Natasha still beats Lara's number of covers. But Raquel is still doing better than they are.

Is Raquel on her way to the

Is Raquel on her way to the Icon list?

"3. Lara's clear

"3. Lara's clear disenchantment with the runway circuit leads one to suspect that being in fashion is not life or death to her. But do you survive this business without that desire to be the best at your trade?"

Lara has been a struggling model for over half or her life. If she did not want to model, she would be long gone by now.

sometimes the note wanting

sometimes the note wanting to be a model keeps them there....
tash tillberg, Kristen Owen and Guinvere all walked away and were brought back severals times because of the rebel attitude. sometimes when a girl wants it to badly it is the wrong attitude and turns people off.


Lara will be remembered for much Longer than Natasha Polly and definately deserves the #1 Slot as a girl who is both a legend in her own time and will go down in the history books of fashion for defying rules of both size and character.

Bravo Ms Stone


Natasha's had 8 solo cover spots since July 2008 -- two Japanese Vogue covers (Sept 2008, June 2009), two Russian Vogue covers (July 2008, March 2009), one V cover, one ID cover (November 2008), one The Last Magazine cover (#2), one W Korea cover (May 2009)!! If you add the Vogue US cover spot, she's had 9, which is more than Lara, actually.

quality not quantity

lara has more prestigious covers.
her only questionable cover (in terms of prestige) was for the journal. jurgen had the rights to the picture, not IMG.

i'm sure lara would have numerous small covers like "w korea" if it wasn't her management

Very true

good point. I can personally attest to this.

"But the upcoming FW 09

"But the upcoming FW 09 campaign and editorial season seems to be telegraphing that a new wave of defining models are rising fast to own this moment."

are natasha and lara really topping raquel's fw09 campaigns?
armani, gucci, jpg, hermes, and shiseido will be hard to beat....


30+ editorials in 2009 alone, an entire issue of vogue paris to herself (putting her with the likes of kate moss), and a us vogue cover
opening and closing a bunch of shows in SS09 (not even fw09)

"Is Lara then more of a highly celebrated editorial sensation as opposed to a client-keeper."
does 5 consecutive seasons of givenchy by I&V ring a bell (+2 of belstaff and hugo boss)? just wondering

and lara has had 8 covers since 2008, you're forgetting her other vogue paris cover by M&M

Im confused for the very first time in years!

Wayne, Wayne, i love your thoughtful, careful approach to such an interesting subject.
Although i have to agree with the first comment, i do think that Sasha deserves that #1 slot, im not sure if she would remain #1 for a long time. Im more than confused about your post.
If we look back at Natasha´s career we all would surely belive that shed have already reached the top of the list. But it has never happened, even when some people say that Raquel MAYBE shouldnt be there, and i believe that Raquel deserved to be number one right now.
Lara Stone is such as interesting person: she has a nice figure, her features are beautiful, she has a more voluptuous body - if compared to the other girls - but the thing is: like you pointed, she seems to skip fashion week, like she were scared of runway appearances or even not willing to show up because runways pay too little.
Whats the essence of a number one model?? It has to be runway - on a first moment, to give the girl A LOT visibility, so that the clientes can recall her face later on and the fans become fond of her - and then the ad campaigns, that adds extra cash to her bank account.
Natasha can be seen in runways every fashion week while Lara may appear every once in a while. Clients may adore Lara and give her as many campaigns as her beauty develops, but Natasha will be the one seen on runways, fashion magazines, AND campaigns.
When a models face become iconic, there´s no way she will ever be forgot. Last year i was visiting my grandmother in Brazil and i took an US Vogue with me. She was reading the magazine and then she hesitated for a moment and said "OMG, this woman looks amazing! I havent seen her in any magazine in years but she surely looks amazing even after all these years...". My grandma was talking about Linda Evangelista and her Prada gig. Linda went through runway, magazines, ads for the most prestigious brands, beauty campaigs, everything that made her SUPERMODEL. All the supermodels are out there, and believe me, we wont be seeing any supermodel in quite a while.
Which makes me wonder: If Lara - whos not iconic, irreplaceable like Linda - sticks to the studios and skips the runways...who will be seeing her? Because fashion is all about the fashion weeks. Every FW we have the journalists commenting on how some girls look like vampires, or bulimic, and then we have one or two girls who are highlighted by their runways cameos and theyre praised by how beautiful they are, and etc. Because THEY ARE SEEN ON RUNWAYS.
Now Im not thinking about who will be number one at , but who has more chance to me remembered a decade from this day.
Somehow i can think of a model like Natasha being a kind of supermodel in the future. About Lara, im not sure. To me she looks like a young Hollywood rising star...its not her body, her face, its the aura that emanates from her. Ive already seen Natasha giving interviews to Fashion TV and she has appeared in other videos, and then we can see her talking, interacting with people - mostly during fashion weeks - and im fond of her. I dont know much about Lara. I love her CK beauty ads, i loved her all-Lara French Vogue, but i dont think it did A LOT to her. Shes not more recognizable after that. Plus, you guys can check internet forums who worship models and then youll realize that Lara is not after all that much talked about. Natasha is more popular because she seems to be more reachable.
I think Natasha deserves to be #1. (Sorry Wayne for the BIG comment, but i simply had to express my thoughts!)

Re: Im confused for the very first time in years!

"but the thing is: like you pointed, she seems to skip fashion week, like she were scared of runway appearances or even not willing to show up because runways pay too little."

She has done Prada 6 seasons in a row. It doesn't seem like she is scared of that...

Shes done Prada 6 season in

Shes done Prada 6 season in a what? I dont think it made any AWESOME contribution to her. She was seen only in Prada? And the other runways? Has she graced them?

you so have no clue

First off why do you comment if you dont know ? 2nd "prada who cares " you really have no clue. Its the most important show. So keep making your comments that have logical viewpoint.

Interesting post!..I like

Interesting post!..I like reading the pros and cons ...!

To be honest I love Lara and Sasha , more than Natasha for the reasons you stated, Natasha is not a personality like the other two (to me)

And I agree, Natasha would be a No1 in the mould of Raquel, "the slow and steady wins the race" type girl..if you are never super"in" fashion, then you don't go super "out" and in many ways she deserves it over Lara...

I see Lara as an icon like Karen Elson, Maria Carla, Stella Tennant, she is memorable and irreplaceable, but is she a reliable No 1??...or is she too cool for school??

Myself, I would go for your 3rd choice... Sasha!
She combines aspects of the other two girls to be the best choice
She is interesting and iconic like Lara, an amazing model, she is commercial (ie Zara) and haute (Chanel, Prada), She is still gaining more momentum and like Natasha, isn't going away any time soon and is a great catwalk presence.. and like Lara, she is the most amazing editorial model!

Sasha for No1.!

Who's on first?

Neither one.

Lily or Anya are better/safer bets for longer careers and endless blue-chip ops.


WOW ! you are so off

lilly anya ? looking at edits and advert you are so off the mark with this comment.


Lala Stone


it seems like MDC is changing the list for the sake of change. That's bull. Raquel has Gucci next season for sure, among others. And she's still getting great runway work for her insanely high fee, and we see her in a great editorial bimonthly. NO NEED TO CHANGE.

if we do have to change my vote goes to Sasha.

sasha for #1

racquel should really be replaced now from #1, lets look for the model who got the best editorials, fashion shows and ads and it is Sasha.

Sasha got armani, gap, chanel, prada parfum, longchamp, tiffany, galliano, armani beauty, zara

Sasha got almost monthly editorial of us vogue. and the latest vogue italia cover

SPARE ME THE BLONDES more Sashas, no more Laras, no more Natashas. PLEASE. I'm so sick of European blondes.

Taste is a dictatorship.

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