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Shimmer Like You Love Fashion !

Giving it like it should be given: Kate At Mine London 2006: Mario Testino Giving It Like It Should Be Given: Kate At Mine London 2006: Mario Testino

" Perhaps perfection is not what attracts us to others. I have always admired Kate because she goes against the grain and everyone loves her for it. When I was growing up ,a woman sitting with her legs spread and holding a cigarette was immediately labeled "easy". I am always trying to fight against these stigmas, which, at the time, were the result of dogmatic Christian thinking. At the end of the day I like the idea of a woman being like a man: strong, self-assured, equal.'

Mario Testino in his Obsessed by You" Philips de Pury and Company exhibit

Kate's heading back to town. What will Kate wear to the Met? Where's Kate going to party afterwards? Can you believe a place at the table is 10K a pop and Vogue still has to vet who's allowed to attend? Can you imagine the shame of the club that can't manage to have hundreds of models in the house that night?

These are the not deep issues roiling through the modeling and nightlife industry in NYC right this minute. Shallow it is but at least you don't stand to drown. What really is impressive is the way the Vogue empire has evenly distributed various platforms and spotlights to assuage all the great egos involved. The May cover went to today's New generation. The monograph cover goes to Linda. Hosting duties are carried by Kate. And there...the balance of power is nicely distributed . Naomi most probably would have loved one of those spotlights for herself but the hiss is she's planning to out shimmer and outshine every mannequin in sight that night.
What has become very interesting to watch is the way that these icons( all moving closer to 40)are making serious moves to ensure their place in history and to lock the brand value of their names. After decades of watching their managers use their faces, bodies, reputations and images to move tens of millions back and forth on their behalf , the true supermodels knows a thing or two about business, PR and the power thereof. Its been said that Top Shop Kate is the greatest publicist in modern fashion and that's without even trying. But she always has a story running somewhere, somehow. The narrative never lacks for drama.
I find the hype and marketing behind the Model As Muse exhibit to be particularly ironic and moving at a time when the modeling industry itself seems to be sagging , not only from the recession, but from a general malaise related to the futility of trying to manage girls anymore. So many little time for any of them. You say "no" to a client for whatever reason and 15 girls of equal measure are standing in line for the job. Can any girl be packaged and presented to editors, photographers and designers as something they MUST have? The general note is...not anymore. But a large part of that lies in the lack of passion on the part of today's models regarding their livelihood. With Kate and Naomi and Linda and Karen and Kristen, modeling never seemed like a felt fast and fabulous and privileged and dangerous. It wasn't a was a lifestyle. Those icons looked the part in the movie called Fashion. The girls of yore... lived the part, dressed the part, dated in character, catwalked off the catwalk and showed an insane love for what they did. So we pray for just one girl...who despite the mob of girls who will show up ..we pray this one new generation girl will arrive shimmering with the message I LOVE FASHION on Monday night. Punters have dubbed Gisele the Last Supermodel and it is true...La Gisele could carry her impressive rates for another 10 years yet...should she want to. But after Gisele...le deluge? Met Ball night let's see which of those New Generation will step into that spotlight like they deserve a place in the pantheon.

very inspiring post. models

very inspiring post. models need to save modeling!

If I could only be

If I could only be transformed to be a fly on the wall at this gala...bliss!

You mentioned the icons "moving closer to 40". I think Linda Evangelista is moving away from 40...isn't she going to be 44 in May?

First of all, thank you once

First of all, thank you once again Wayne for your kind and precious words.
Second: dont let KRISTEN read that you wrote get mad, believe me!
Gisele is indeed the last supermodel - SUPER like others were back in the nineties - and i think it will take more than a decade until the naysayers can point another girl who has a great charisma and make her known worldwidely. This MET´s ball is giving me a huge headache: as you wrote Naomi "plans to out shimmer and outshine every mannequin in sight that night". Thats my biggest concern. The good old models with be there like pouring rain, magnetizing all the lens from all the photographers...and what about the new generation of models? What do they have in hands to compete with the supermodels? NOTHING! Thats the reason why critics and people who write blogs love to compare them (the new generation and the supermodels). Linda, Christy, Naomi, KRISTEN, and the others, they already have their place in the sun. Ordinary women and young models will always look up to them because THEY MADE FASHION A GOOD PLACE TO BE! Like the runways in Milan and Paris are open to the new generation of girls, let take a closer look at the begginers, like Caroline Trentini, Natasha Poly, Raquel and the other ones, who have so much to give, but are not that much celebrated. Maybe they´ll be the supermodels of tomorrow.

LOL And you don't want to make KRISTEN mad...

or so I've heard. Thanks for catching that. I am the king of typos (cuz I spew these posts out really fast) but thank GOD for that edit function. Here's hoping that a newbie or two will rise to the challenge.

hahaha, edit function ROCKS

hahaha, edit function ROCKS these days...and thinking that this was never possible some years ago....Kristen got really mad sometimes, believe me!

Finally something other than bickering- Dennis Brown-Revolution

This what I love about this site, it makes one hope and dream, and one of the few models, I hope and dream about working with, to answer your question, is Sessilee Lopez, You can see her passion for fashion (what a cliche phrase) through her site on blogspot. More importantly you can see it through pictures and the energy she projects, I first noticed her in the Trace issue with her, Ajuma, Damaris and Quiana in it. While, at the time I was more passionate about Ajuma (I still am, I'm very loyal), Sessilee just continues to impress me and inspire me (I've designed clothes with her in mind) and IMO, she should have been on the cover of Vogue, May '09 (what's one more black model going to hurt in a sea of white faces).

But to add to that list I would say Raquel Zimmerman, whose a chameleon and has a quirky sexiness to her that could translate well into film, Lakshmi Menon, whose already a superstar in India and is very intelligent, Chanel Iman, who the average girl around the world can recognize, thanks in part to her Vogue-stamped approval and the backing of Tyra Banks as one to watch (many say she's overrated, I say she hasn't been pushed by any photographer to that point when an editorial becomes art, like Sessilee in the Black issue/Vogue Italia, they just rely on her exotic prettiness) .

Its shame Tyra can't work that message for some of her Top Model girls, such as Fatima, a Somalian beauty who done shoots with Shameer Khan and I don't care what anyone says but Toccara, is rare kind of model, a girl who is plus-size, but isn't fat , she could be a modern day Pat Ast, she already has a built-in men's magazine audience, now she needs to be shot high-fashion (ala Sophie Dahl and Nick Knight, Ellen von Unwerth, or with Meisel again) to show versatility .

Damn, this is long too (I guess this one of my many issues and my many neuroses ). But another aspect to your question is the fact that models have taken on that old adage, they used to say about children "they are to be seen and not heard". While I love Raquel, Arlenis , Georgie, Du ,Jourdan ,Yasmin W, the average person has no idea who these women are, I think it also has alot to do a with the fact that most models are homogenized to look alike, so there is little to capture one's eye, you have to be really passionate about them to want to know who they are and that usually happens for Victoria's Secret models, and thankfully Sessilee is crossing over to that market (no-brainer Toccara should be doing vicky's secret, with those big ole titties)

I could on and on, but i'm tired of typing, maybe tomorrow, this is like my facebook , one last girl I'll mention before I go is Selita Ebanks ( who completely stole Emanuela's thunder over at VS), I think Selita's underrated and underused, she could be much more than commercial, don't believe me check A Magazine S/S '09(amagazinecuratedby) (if I were to shoot her it would be as Jennifer Beals via Flashdance, look at her cheekbones, I gotta say the Caribbean , we make them the best) .

I don't agree! I love

I don't agree! I love sessilee myself like mad, and Racquel..(but I am within the industry, the everyday person on the street has no idea of who they are) but these girls have not captured the imagination of the public, they are not gossipped and speculated about and slated and criticised, as much as they are equally admired and copied...(not that anyone would necessarily want that pressure, good on them for avoiding it, and living their lives away from public consumption, but that is not what is being discussed here..)

The only girl of today who has done that is Agyness, love her or loathe her...

btw I still LOVE KATE!!!

Taste is a dictatorship.

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