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God bless a  girl who lives to dress up!God bless a girl who lives to dress up!

Dree Hemmingway is one of my favorite people for all the following reasons.

1. You can work with her for hours and she keeps you laughing the whole time.
2. The personal style is very rock/glam on that post -parisienne tip. Mad cool.
3. Each look is a new personality. Sibyl can you hear me?
4. Because this morning for her Spur "personal style" edit, we asked her for 5 looks and she gave us 10..pulling Vuitton pumps and Alexander Wang coats from the rubble of her room like it were the magic " never ending cornucopia of hot gear" .
5. That US Vogue back spread and Interview portrait this month is but the tip of a big looming iceberg of fabulous layouts, trust.
6. Cuz though she can be found looking haute in that upcoming Spur spread, off camera there's a big bag of pop-corn waiting for her involvement
7.Because her loft is a veritable wonderland of gnomes.
8. Dree proves that Elite+ is seeing something that many other agencies are not.
9. ALL her underwear is Agent Provacateur
10. Because she wore the last look of the edit.. (vintage YSL periwinkle pleated pencil skirt, Lisa Marie Fernandez bikini top, vintage leopard print shirt, Alexander Wang chubbie, fringed Alexander Wang platforms)...for a coffee run to Bathazaar's. Live the myth the myth.

Taste is a dictatorship.


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