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Current Listening: Calvin Harris:Merrymaking At My Place

Calvin Harris: I Created Disco:Calvin Harris: I Created Disco:

Had a lunchtime meet with Scott Lipps at 1 Mgmt today. Scotty always knows what's new and now in music. I said "Name that one group/band/song/ that is ruling it right now". Scott knows I'm an ex-club kid and lifetime dancehead and recommended Calvin Harris "I Created Disco" . "Very you," he assured. "Merrymaking At My Place" is getting played a lot at places like The Rose Bar down at The Gramercy he assured. I Myspaced Calvin Harris and like the wiggle of his boogie. And I love his mythology. Nice Scottish boy from Dumfries becomes ill as a teen, locks himself in his room for two years and starts to make dream dance music on his ancient Amiga computer. He works at the local supermarket saving enough to move to London. London proves to be so expensive he works all the time and makes no dosh , so moves back (tail between legs) to Dumfries. He almost gives up, but gives the dream one more try, even warbling on his new tracks. He puts em up on Myspace in 2005. Next thing you know he draws a manager, Pete Tong starts banging "The Girls" in his sets, Columbia signs Calvin up and Kylie's people call up to write some tracks ("Into My Arms", "Heartbeat Rock") for the new album. Now the boy is a superstar producer with a band and everything. I find all this truly inspiring. If it is all a hustle its all the more genius for it!

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