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The Hiss Squad has only one mission today. Sniff out those hidden Calvin beauties.

Ymre is not here, negating that rumor (She never set foot in New York)...The V Magazine/Supreme Search winner is here, sparking Addison off to an audacious start and there's a mysterious beauty from Click henceforth unseen. But who's to open. Mission to be completed.

Girls crying?

Is it true that there were two girls crying on the runway? Does anyone know who they were?

Jac and Louise

Loving Monika Jagaciak and Louise Maselis (and Nimue if she counts), not feeling the other new girls AT ALL. And how many newcomers were there? Ten? Seemed like half the lineup were girls doing their first NY season. Doesn't make it very "exclusive" for the exclusives, now does it?

Monika really is the REAL

Monika really is the REAL deal.... supermodel in the making.. love her!

Beautiful clothes tones of golds and greens ..unusual winter collection


Could someone please tell me if Snejana was there?

re: snejana

comme on! snejana its a top model, she can't be in the new faces... unless the designer ask her to open the show, but it is impossible, I dont think( it that happen the designer thing) that she would accept that...... no way.....

at calvin..

Sigrid comes out #2...addison#3...anna j...sasha ..alla and dorethea

No Toni! No Anna S.. Calvin

Jac will open, Sigrid girl

Jac will open, Sigrid girl #2, Addison girl #3.

The Click girls is Lindsey...

first ever black girl exclusive for the show !

exclusive? she's been doing


she's been doing presentations all week

Monika Jagaciak to open. The

Monika Jagaciak to open. The question is, did Louise Maselis make it from Belgium in time for exclusive?

Louise made it.

Louise made it.

Taste is a dictatorship.

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