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To say it was unexpected is beyond understatement but the sudden decision of Fabien Baron and Karl Templer to depart the freshly revamped Interview mag, certainly had The Hiss Squad hissing overtime this weekend.

At dinner on Saturday night TI was able to decipher that in the face of dwindling advertising, pressure from Brant Publications to take the magazine more mainstream, popular and Hollywood created tension in recent months. That and being pushed to cut costs created the no-win impasse. Our sources assured us that Baron and Templer tried to come to terms and were very disappointed at having to leave ...but doing glossy and fabulous on a budget? Not their style. Will it be M/M Paris' ? TI waits with bated breath.


I am very disappointed they left Interview does not look the same anymore.

Vogue Paris

Please, do some more amazing things with Vogue Paris!!!



I just cancelled my

I just cancelled my subscription!


back to vogue paris baron and mr templer...


Every magazine in the city is in bad shape, but word on the street is that the situation at Interview was/is looking especially dire. Ads are at an all-time low, expenses at an all-time high. It was only a matter of time before the uber-expensive art direction of Baron would have to be reexamined. The dollars can't keep evaporating into thin air, even for billionaires like Peter Brant. Taking on M/M is a huge risk for a mainstream American magazine that is trying to go more commercial. What Interview needs right now is not another superstar art director but someone to quietly (and cheaply) design the pages and let the editors work their magic. Doug Lloyd (an American, who understands how art can meet commerce) would have made a more sensible pick for the job. Which is not to say that M/M aren't supremely talented and gifted artists in their own right. Just not for the here and now.

i know what a bummer but i

i know what a bummer but i am beyond curious to see what MM does with it


i JUST ordered a subscription before i heard this news.

m and m ,joe mckenna , and

m and m ,joe mckenna , and stephanie seymour ,been there

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