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Lara Stone takes a picture which is a print TI would buy: PH: Nan Goldin for Vouge Paris Feb 09Lara Stone takes a picture which is a print TI would buy PH: Nan Goldin for Vouge Paris Feb 09

Janelle who sits across the way from me at MDC sent me a link updating me on the forthcoming All-Lara-All-The-Time Feb Vogue Paris. The story I liked best was the Nan Goldin snaps, not for purient reasons but primarily because they reminded me of the kind of work you used to catch in the bad old grunge 90's. Better the source than the insipid reference no? My circle of friends who are freakishly model-obsessed brought up the fact that the earlier Rachel Williams post, when it tried to raise the point about how more diverse the body types in modeling were before the Generic Zeroes, should have acknowlegded Lara Stone's current success. Here is a girl who under any other circumstance would have been found to be "too big" or "too ....uuhm mature" to fit into the standard cabines through shrew management rising to the top. As a great product of that Carine Roitfeld/Inez and Vinoodh/Givenchy axis Lara testifies to the importance of cross-gridding your clients. By cross-gridding I mean finding booking success by moving your model through the different political camps that power the industry right this minute. From Meisel to Weber to Sorrenti to Richardson they've all had they say on Lara and her "womanly" form. I remember a conversation with Jeni Rose at IMG Paris on how this sizzling run all started for Lara. There she she was in her 20's, lost amongst the flock of Russian ghost beauties when IMG Paris looking at Lara's blank effect doll face said..."OK ,,,Have you ever been sent to see Russell at Prada? Or over to Vogue Paris?" The answer was no, IMG went super-selective on a likely candidate and the rest is history. It took vision to see that for Lara and vision beyond the obvious is what makes for real talent in management. Here's to breaking the mould and snapping cliches!

when i first quickly

when i first quickly scrolled past the topless image i thought "ew middle age tits, that's what i'm gonna look like in 20 years"... then later going back to find it's Lara Stone. yeah. her gimmick is getting old. her tits are getting old. if that is her only selling point then she might want to redirect her career direction... there are many other careers whose only vantage point is a chick's tits. right now it's just tiring & boring.

You juvenile idiot. Did you

You juvenile idiot. Did you actually think any of the bile through?

Taste is a dictatorship.

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