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The Independent Miss Meghan

Meghan Collison: Photographed by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia Oct 07Meghan Collison: Photographed by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia Oct 07

Our fave new model star is all over the stands of NY with her October cover of Vogue Italia. TI loves that this strong girl who reads so "edge" in person has been glossed up by Meisel to render one of the most glamorous mag covers of the year thus far. We Q+A'd the Supreme beauty back in August for Spur magazine and here's the abridged translation of what was Miss Meghan's first ever interview. My best memory about it was how completely unaffected she was as well as the incredible life force in Meghan's eyes. She's headed a looooong way from small city shopping malls is all we have to say.

Wayne Sterling:I love your haircut Meghan! It is so cool and perfect for you. Did Paul do it?

Meghan Collison : Nope. I've had this can look back at pictures when I was three years old...almost my whole life. The only thing that really changed is it just got longer and longer. I went through that "lets grow a bang phase" that all the girls did in grade six but my phase went on right into high school.

WS: Speaking of being a little girl, where did you grew up?

MC: I grew up in a place called Edmonton in Canada. Edmonton, Like the Edmonton Oilers..the hockey team. We have the biggest mall in the world there Its owned by the same people who own Mall Of America. Its huge. I love it though. I love shopping there.

WS: Which makes for a perfect segue, the legend is you were scouted in a shopping mall.

MC:I entered a modeling contest like a year ago at a place called City Center Mall. Just a little downtown Mall in Edmonton. And to my surprise I won. I was shocked. I guess that opened doors for me. At first I thought they only picked me because I was the tallest girl.

WS: Did you love fashion growing up in Canada? Were you reading all the magazines and on constantly?

MC: Yes I was, as a matter of fact .I took fashion studies in high school for 3 years. I can sew. You did reports on designers ...research...and did fashion sketches. So I knew a little bit coming into it. School gave me that, which was helpful.

WS:Were you aware of the big photographers and editors?

MC: That I wasn't quite familiar with ...I'm learning that but its good. I'm open to learning. You have to learn something new everyday. But I was more into the clothes aspect of it.

WS: What was your personal style like then?

MC:In high school? I was the the girl who refused to go into a tanning bed and dye my hair blond and wear mini-skirts...I was just really casual in skinny jeans...I just wore whatever I wanted. You gotta be who you really are. You can't just constantly copy people all the time.

WS: So was Meghan a misfit in a world of tans and blond highlights

MC: No I don't think so. I was one of those girls who was friends with everyone. I had friends in all the different classes. It was like "Hey whats up guys".And they were like " What's up Meghan". I was just cool with everybody. But I did have close friends, friends who I've had for seven years now.

WS: Are they surprised at your evolution into Miss Ultra Cool Model?

MC: Do you know what? They don't even know. My best friend kind of knows but I'm not like announcing it or anything .I mean just a week ago I was still doing my last tests to get my chemistry diploma so I could bump my grades up just a little bit to get another scholarship.

WS: Really. What kind of scholarship?

MC: Its just money that the government gives you when your average is 80 and above for all three years of high school . There's like, different allocated amounts that they can give you. I just didn't know what I wanted to take in college. That's the problem.

WS: Well modeling is a fantastic opportunity to sort your way through the world.

MC: Yeah I like this. I just know I could not be in an office on a computer. Personally I'd rather be socializing. I hate office work. I want to wear my own clothes to work.

WS: You might end up staying for a while in the fashion world then.

MC: Yeah I could see it. That's a definite possibility for sure. I love meeting people. Everyone in fashion is so different. The personalities are so varied. I haven't come across any ":Devil Wears Prada" insane personalities so far. The people I've worked for so far are very focused on what they're doing.

WS:What's interesting is that you've come in on the really high end. You're only working with the best of the best.

MC: Its crazy just to see a little hair and make-up and the right outfit can totally transform you. And you're wearing like a jacket that cost more than anything you've ever owned in your life

WS: Are there other models you find interesting?

MC: I really like how Freja takes pictures. I also like Tanya D. She has an interesting look. I met Lily D. and Sasha recently

WS: Was it like being the new girl in school meeting up with the popular girls for the first time?

MC: They're all really down to earth. The popular girls in high school were not down to earth.(laughs)

WS:: Do you have a favorite fashion period or a favorite designer?

MC: I really like the 60' the old school Cher. If I had a photo-shoot or something of her look that would be the best. In terms of designers now I like really Chloe, more like the handbags.

WS: Has anyone told you you have a passing resemblance to the designer Stephen Sprouse

MC: (turns to examine his portrait) No. I haven't heard that . People say I look like a lot of people. Freja. I get. I've gotten that actress, Selma Blair. I've gotten Feist, that singer.But I'm just me. I'm Meghan.

WS: Speaking of Feist what's the music you love right now?

MC: I'm really into the more indie bands that a lot of people don't know. I like UK dance rock a lot. The Klaxons, Crystal Castles. Things like that. I really like The Yeah Yeah Yeah's.. They're good. And You'll Know Us By The Trail Of Our Dead is awesome. Its a really long name but they're the best band ever .

WS: And soon you'll be hanging out with them at parties. If not dating the singer or drummer.

MC: I wish! Modeling has totally opened up doors up for me. I've been to London. Spain..Ibizia. The beaches were beautiful for sure. But I was so pale I had to sit under an umbrella so I didn't burn. And all the locals were making fun of me. I don't tan at all. I'm in New York... I wasn't expecting the enormity of New York In Edmonton there is one cluster of big building called Downtown. Here everywhere is downtown. So I don't know what's going to happen next. I'm just happy to be doing this.

WS: Thanks so much Meghan for making time for us. Its going to be fascinating to watch how you adapt to this new world.

MC: On no. Thank you for coming over to see me. It feels so weird to be talking about my life. I'm like is it that interesting?

WS; Oh yes Meghan. A lot more interesting than you might realize right now.

MC: (blushes) Cool!

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