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Egoiste is the ideal design wise, right this minute for TIEgoiste is the ideal design wise, right this minute for TI

TI has been hunting down every last stray issue of Egoiste that he can find, essentially because 15 years after its hey-day, that book is beginning to feel exactly like the kind of publication the market is missing right now. Think of something with the clarity and literary pedigree of a New Yorker fused with some of the powerful visual imagery that photography masters like Helmut Newton and Richard Avedon used to emit.

Julien Schnabel in front of..

Julien Schnabel infront of Palazzo Chupi, Richard Meier, Eliot Spitzer..

Obvious Choices..

Tilda is an obvious choice but always want to read more about her. Another obvious is Tom Ford but i always want more of Tom too.

Im going to say Angelica Huston, Mario Sorrenti, Jack Nicholson, Simon Doonan, Anna Wintour..

Inez, always. Sofia Coppola.

Inez, always. Sofia Coppola. Olivier Zahm. John Currin. Franca & Francesco. But you're right, these are all obvious choices. Who is the ultimate Egoiste of this day and age?

Who would you put on a modern egoiste cover..

Who would you put on a modern egoiste cover? Which New Yorker speaks to you in a way that Richard Avedon or Andy Warhol could? I have to think about this and write back.

Alexander wang photographed by Irving Penn an all Irving Penn issue featuring all of of the New New York...I would pay
$1000 for such an issue

Tilda Swinton. Stefano

Tilda Swinton. Stefano Pilati (though Fantastic Man's beaten us to it). And yes, Marc Jacobs


Do you think this is what Interview is aspiring to?

everyone's doing it

now you know where Interview is coming from. And Fantastic Man. And Acne Paper. And A4. Also, check out old issues of GA - Global Architecture


im lovin this post too
egoiste is definitely a great mag visually but not only
however i do love the cover with natalia vodianova by paolo roversi more than the two you're showin !
i think mags are lackin originality when it comes to name their mags
egoiste which means selfish is definitely a great idea knowin that pleasure cant be share !! same with french gay mag Tetu which means stubborn
what about creatin our own mag callin it " hype ", " different " or " glorious "
why not !
ray from wherethelightsend

Taste is a dictatorship.

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