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This much you can say for Madame Wintour. She's not afraid to put her mouth where the money is. The July Vogue has put its " Is Fashion Racist" article out and it pulls no punches . The edit features runway favorites Chanel Iman and Jourdan Dunn. The casting goes one fresh new step further and puts Dominican newcomer Arlenis in the full Vogue spotlight. Its a great sign of fashion leadership that Vogue didn't wait for anyone's runway or advertising approval before putting their weight behind Arlenis. Rumor was rife that Chanel and Jourdan also lensed a cover try as a part of their shoot, but the speed with which this article has gone to print soothes the possible disappointment on those girls not riding the cover. The thing I find most interesting about the casting of these three girls is how different they all are, Dominican, English of Jamaican heritage and Korean/African-American. The article is a must read.


US Vogue Article: Sign of the Times

I'm so happy to see this get printed, though a cover would have given this article so much more "umph". Nevertheless, kudos to AW for getting behind it. It's powerful and speaks to the times. And thankfully, these times are changing, fashion is shifting. I hope American Vogue keeps the momentum going in the following months by featuring black models in its editorials.

More diversity! Models of every color, shape and age should make up the scene. This IS American Vogue and and America is a diverse country.

Is Beauty Diverse?

Images presented in the media are long lasting and more powerful than we can imagine. Just ask those millions of women who stand over their toilets regurgitating daily in effort to be thin or remain as such. Ideas about what constitutes beauty, who is more intelligent and as a result who is of greater value are communicated to all children from a very young age and the messages continue into adulthood. What is implied is more powerful than what is said, believe me. I'm still battling these non-verbal cues that I've been receiving all my life. A picture is truly worth a million words. Knowledge is a great first step. A healthy dialogue is what we need to continue with but change has to be our ultimate destination.

Taste is a dictatorship.

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