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Revel in the myth Miss Myf!Revel in the myth Miss Myf!

A detractor posted a few days ago to say they were surprised NOT to have seen Next's new Aussie model Myf "hyped" on TI. This is what I have to say about hype. Take it or leave it. Casting directors and the designers they serve are not slow. They would be out of a job if they were. Shows and the edgier editorials are one of the few frontiers left for new models to shine. TI thinks its great that those clients give fresh blood a fighting chance. God know the newbies are being massacred by the Name Brand girls in the campaign sweepstakes. This is not to post a defense but just to put a POV out there. I love new models. I love meeting them, videoing them and watching them walk their very first walk. Given my day job, I can't be so jaded as to dismiss every new girl as dull. You like who you like and c'est tout. I met Myf last week for a MDX video profile and dug her wide eyed wonder at her new New York life. She just finished walking the Prada Resort along with these two other newbies recently posted at MDC, Jessica Cline/Elite and the dreamily beautiful Sigrid/NYM. You know those three girls are going to be most wanted for the SS 09 shows. Trust!

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