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Eric Stephany: Out Of Date/Material-2003-2006Eric Stephany: Out Of Date/Material-2003-2006

"everyones sayin Paris is just no longer the city of life and that we have to deal with London now
and that Paris' becomin like a museum !! no more updates !! only history !!"

Ray from wherethelight'send blog posted this sentiment earlier today on TI which made me go..realllly? Maybe because I'm such a complete outsider when it comes to contemporary French cultural life, but there seems to be so many dynamic young artists circulating in Paris. In fact the perfect hotel in paris in my mind would be one perched on top of the Palais de Tokyo. Speaking of dynamic young artists, Eric Stephany is IT right now for TI. I think he's going to acquire a lot of momentum in the near future, primarly because of these brilliant "pixilation" sculptures he has been doing recently. He's vital!

Taste is a dictatorship.


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