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Shawn Sutton: New at RedShawn Sutton: New at Red

Mr Sutton is the latest find at Red. He had the audacity to walk into the agency without an appointment (gasp). But an amazing body and those angled, feline eyes were an instant sell. Here is the eye catching Shawn Sutton in pure form.

Shawn Sutton: New at Red

Shawn Sutton: New at Red Shawn Sutton: New at Red

Shawn Sutton: New at Red Shawn Sutton: New at Red Shawn Sutton: New at Red

Those eyes...

I wish I had those eyes and I'm a girl. He does have a unique beauty. And i agree that for him to get far he's gonna need a little grooming. For him to be a serious model.

personally I feel Red's

personally I feel Red's black guys are all very average looking. For one they have way too many no one can even keep track of and none of them are too special in my eyes!

Your eye's are blind

Your eye's are blind sweetie... Shawn seems to be popping up everywhere... and your out of touch with what is special... are you really even part of the High Fashion world?

you must be a fool if they

you must be a fool if they are average Id love to see above average.however i do agree that the black community is blessed with far more beautiful people than any other ethnic group all you have to do is just walk down the streets of any black community in the world and youll find thousands of stunning beatys in all shapes ,sizes,and shades

too many black guys

open your eyes there should be more black man modeling. Black consumers want to see more black models.

thank you

thank you

The Brother Has a Good Look

I hope he goes far. I personally like Wendell Lissimore's body type.

he is verrrrryyy attractive,

he is verrrrryyy attractive, but im not convinced that he is a model. i cant really picture him being constantly booked on jobs and having a lasting career. His ' feline eyes' can be mistaken for looking feminine.

WHICH muscle mass are you

WHICH muscle mass are you referring to ?

Nah...don't groom. He looks like a man and I'd like to see more manly guys on the scene. He's beautiful!

Shawn Sutton

absolutely gorgeous canvas ... but needs some major grooming. his features are incredibly beautiful and his body is obviously very hot. however, if he wants to be successful, he'll have to lose some of that muscle mass, and get rid of that body hair. if he were groomed perfectly, he'd have that gorgeous smooth skin that only black men have .. and his body would be insane ... his face is practically flawless already. gorgeous lips, jawline and eyes.

yeah, he needs development,

yeah, he needs development, the potentials there though. what he needs is good pictures, all I've seen looks like average tests. we will have to wait and see how he unfolds


He look like a totally different brother on the retouched pictures. He is gorgeous, but it's definitely weird gorgeous.

so so but not sold

the only good black guy from red is Wendell,but the guy has a nice body

Some of these comments are ass-backwards!

That's a stupid comment. The best models at Red are the Black ones. Shawn is getting as much work or more than almost any model on Red's roster.

yes he is

your not lying about that the kid is great and he has a great personality 2 go with his good looks

Taste is a dictatorship.

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