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CURRENT READING: Mira calligraphiae monumenta: A Sixteenth-century Calligraphic Manuscript :

Mira Calligraphiae MonumentaMira Calligraphiae Monumenta

In 1562 Georg Bocskay, imperial secretary to the Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand I, released this book which featured his painstakingly inscribed hand lettering to prove his prowess as a scribe. Thirty years later Joris Hoefnagel, Europe's last great manuscript illuminator, embellished those original inscriptions to complete what has been described as "the most beautiful book ever created" . The original cost more millions than I could ever hope to own in this lifetime (it is currently in the collection of the J. Paul Getty Museum. Thankfully there is a beautiful reproduction available on amazon for a mere $105.00. Simply put, this is an object so beautiful and touching every graphic designer NEEDS to own a copy. PS. Thanks Mr Keeling for the tip-off!

Mira Calligraphiae MonumentaMira Calligraphiae Monumenta

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