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Eagerly Anticipating : 'What Does The Photographer of Tomorrow Need?' A Brainstorm Session and Open Talk Les Rencontres d'Arles

Les Recontres d' Arles s' affirment comme un observatoire de la crèation actuelle et des pratiques photographiques.Les Recontres d' Arles s' affirment comme un observatoire de la crèation actuelle et des pratiques photographiques.

'What Does The Photographer of Tomorrow Need?'
A Brainstorm Session and Open Talk
Les Rencontres d'Arles, 5 and 6 July 2017

At Les Rencontres d'Arles 2017, Viewbook Transformations, YET magazine and Arles Cosmos team up for a brainstorm and discussion on the future of photography education. Who is the photographer of tomorrow? What are the needs of the photographer? Do current learning opportunities meet the needs of the photographer? If not, what is missing? Ideas and findings from the brainstorm session will be shared during an open talk at Cosmos.

During Arles 2017, on 5 July, we will gather a team to brainstorm around the future of photography education and open the session up for public discussion. The brainstorm team consists of photography professionals from various backgrounds including educators and photographers, but we also welcome students interested in the topic. The brainstorm will follow the un-conference model meaning that the people in the brainstorm will help set the agenda on what to discuss.

The first names of those who will join the brainstorm have been announced, including:

Federica Chiocchetti: Photography Critic, Curator and Editor

Giuseppe Oliviero: Founder and Director of PHmuseum

Julija Berkovica, Founder and Director at ISSP in Latvia

Klaus Fruchtnis: Chair of Photography at Paris College of Art

Laila Abril: Multidisciplinary artist

Olivier Cablat : Artist - Founder and Artistic director Cosmos Arles books

Simon Karlstetter: Founder and Artistic Director Der Greif Magazine

In addition to the brainstorm we are setting up an open talk on 6 July to inspire and share some of the findings of the brainstorm. The audience is invited to take part in the discussion or deliver input for the research after the talk.

The brainstorm will take place in the morning of Wednesday 5 July, and the open talk on 6 July at Cosmos. If you are interested in participating in the brainstorm, contact Rebecca Simons at by 26 June. The Open Talk is – as the name suggests – open to the public: just show up at Cosmos Arles on 6 July at 14.00 and listen or think along.

Brainstorming: Wednesday 5 July from 9.00 to 11.30
Public Talk: Thursday 6 July from 14.00 to 14.30


Cosmos Arles
Cosmos Arles Books is a satellite space of the Rencontres d'Arles, taking place during the opening week of the festival, between 3 and 8 July. Cosmos is a laboratory of expressions and practices in contemporary photography, publishing and visual arts. Cosmos was created based on the idea that photography will not easily find durable ways of existing if its means of diffusion are constantly separated.

YET Magazine
YET magazine is a triannual photography publication which showcases editorials and photographic series from artists worldwide. Our aim is to feature several different styles of photography, without any restriction in genre, medium, or theme. We showcase both emerging and well-known international photographers – our work is basically characterized by the quality of the submitted project, from its concept to the shoot, up to the final editing.

Viewbook Transformations is a program set up to explore changes and support photography in a digitally connected world. The program includes research, an annual grant for photographers and publishing of visual stories and essays.

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